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TPP Videos

All of our videos are only 2 minutes or less. So you can quickly see why TPP Products are:

  • Ergonomically designed to improve comfort & handling
  • Better features so viability and retrieval enhances your research
  • And the improved benefit of sample reproducibility which improves
    all downstream applications

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TPP   TPP Tissue Culture Flasks: 25cm2, 75cm2, 150cm2, & 300 cm2
TPP Dishes: 40mm, 60mm, 100mm, & 150mm   TPP Dishes on the Ground
TPP Multi-Well Plates: 6 well, 12 well, 24 well, & 96 well (flat & u-shaped)   Specialty TPP Peel-Off & Re-Closable Tissue Culture Flasks: 115 cm2 & 150 cm2
Specialty TPP 10cm2 Tissue Culture Flasks   TPP Cell Scrapers & Cell Spatula: 24cm, 30cm, 38cm, & Spatula for cell lifting
TPP Bioreactor Tubes: 50ml   TPP Cell Counting System
TPP Filtermax Filtration Units: 150ml, 250ml, 500ml & 1L, also available in 500ml & 1L bottle-top only units.   TPP Bottle Top 0.2µm
TPP Syringe Filters: 0.22 micron & 0.45 micron PES membrane units   TPP Serological Pipettes: 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 25ml “shorty”, 25/40ml, & 50/70ml
TPP Centrifuge Tubes: 15ml (PP), 15ml (PS), 50ml Conical (PP), & 50ml Conical Skirted (PP)   TPP Polar Cryo Tubes: 1.2ml & 2.0ml