Pall® 25 mm Air Monitoring Cassettes

The 25 mm air monitoring cassettes are conductive and non-static cassettes used to monitor respirable constituents, such as fibers, silica, metal, and dust.

  • Conductive and non-static
  • Leak-proof
  • Carbon-filled polypropylene housing

These cassettes are leak proof and tamper proof

Female luer-type inlet. Female luer built-in hose adapter outlet.

The carbon-filled polypropylene housing prevents adherence of particles to cassette wall to ensure more accurate analysis.

Ordering information: Filter Media: GN-4 Metricel membrane (mixed cellulose esters) with cellulose support pad. Housing: Carbon-filled polypropylene.


Pall® 25 mm Easy Pressure Syringe Filter Holder

  • Large Filtration Area for Easy Operation and Fast Liquid Flow
  • Economical for small-volume (10 to 100 mL) filtration
  • Accepts 25 mm filter discs


Pall® 47 mm, In-line Filter Holders

The 47 mm filter holders are designed for in-line liquid or gas filtration. They open and close easily without disturbing the filter disc.

  • Designed for in-line liquid or gas filtration
  • Easy open and close
  • Available in a variety of materials

They are available in polycarbonate and aluminum.

For venting and air monitoring applications, the sturdy plastic construction of the lightweight polycarbonate 47 mm in-line filter holder is ideal.

For stack sampling applications, the 47 mm in-line filter holder in anodized aluminum is a durable and cost-effective choice.

For excellent chemical resistance and continuous processing of fluids at high pressure, the 47 mm in-line filter holder in stainless steel is recommended.


Pall® 47 mm Magnetic Filter Funnels

  • Unique Magnetic Seal Allows Easy, One-Handed Vacuum Filtration of Liquids
  • No-leak magnetic seal allows one-hand operation.
  • Polyphenylsulfone construction is compatible with anti-foaming agents and many other solvents.
  • Convenient. 150 mL size allows for easy fit into small autoclaves and 500 mL size is ideal for filtration of large samples.
  • Sturdy and safe. Polyphenylsulfone construction provides durability and added safety at a cost less than most glass funnels.
  • Forceps access point allows easy filter retrieval.
  • Graduated at 50 mL increments for accurate sample measurement.
  • New 47 mm Sentino® Magnetic Filter Funnels also available.
  • #8 stopper with proper bore hole size included


Pall® 47 mm Pressure Filtration Funnel

  • High Quality, Corrosion-Resistant Funnel for Rapid Batch Filtration
  • Stainless steel construction offers excellent chemical resistance.
  • Convenient hand tightening makes filter changing easy.


Pall® Acro® 50 Vent Devices

  • 50 mm Filters with Superior Performance for Demanding Applications
  • Reusable and autoclavable
  • PTFE membrane and polypropylene housing have broad chemical resistance
  • Large surface area provides greater throughput and high air flow rate
  • Available with a variety of inlet and outlet connectors

Pall® Glass Fiber Filters
  • Superior Grade Filters for a Variety of Biological and Environmental Methods
  • Type A/E meets the requirements for suspended solids testing, as described in Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, current edition.
  • Reduces filtration costs and premature clogging when filtering difficult-to-filter or highly contaminated solutions.
  • Extends filter life and reduces final filter changes with high capacity prefilters.
  • Eliminates sample contamination. Binder-free borosilicate glass fiber has no added extractables.
  • Filters a wide range of particulate loads and viscous solutions with a selection of filter thicknesses from which to choose.
  • Filters with binder offer excellent wet strength for easy handling and filter integrity.

Pall® Carbon Capsule

  • Removes Odor, Colloids, and Organics from Liquids Using Activated Carbon
  • Finely divided carbon provides an active surface area of 70,000 m2
  • Ready to use and disposable


Pall® DMSO-Safe Acrodisc® Syringe Filter

  • Compatible with DMSO
  • Polypropylene housing and nylon membrane are compatible with solutions containing DMSO
  • Excellent chemical compatibility with esters, bases and alcohols


Pall® Metricel® Polypropylene Membrane Disc Filters

  • Pure Polypropylene Membrane for Filtration of Aggressive Solvents
  • Pure polypropylene gives high chemical stability
  • Offers high temperature resistance and low extractable levels


Pall® MicroCheck® II Beverage Monitor

  • Easy-to-use Disposable Filter Funnel to Meet Microbial Analysis Needs for Beverages
  • Can convert to a Petri dish for culturing or easily remove the membrane for placing on separate agar dish.
  • Ready to use; simply remove from box and place directly on a filter manifold. No need for rubber stoppers or adapters.
  • Volume graduations are marked clearly for easy reading from any point of view.
  • Volume graduations marked externally on the funnel to prevent potential hold-up of organisms. External marks meet guidelines listed in Standard Methods for the Analysis of Water and Wastewater, current edition.


Pall® Open-face Filter Holders

  • The open-face filter holders are lightweight and corrosion-resistant.
  • Available in three sizes: 25, 37, and 47 mm
  • Includes caps

The 25 mm holder is made of Delrin plastic and is designed for clean room sampling, breathing-zone air samples collecting, bacterial monitoring, particulate analysis, etc.

The 37 and 47 mm holders are constructed of aluminum. They can be used for trapping airborne particles, fluorescent tracers, and other contaminants. They include a plastic cap that protects samples after filtration.