TPP TubeSpin® Bioreactors have a proven track record in large scale screening and optimization processes of suspension cells. The optimization of the parameters, important for production up-scaling, can be evaluated with small amounts maximizing the number of parallel experiments at the same time.

Suspension cells ranging from immune cells to insect cells and microorganisms like E.coli to yeast can be cultured and centrifuged in TubeSpin® Bioreactors, eliminating the need for transferring before spinning down.

  • working Vol 1-35mL
    • easy to start small suspension cell cultures from frozen
    • ergonomic use of bacterial and yeast cultures -- static and shaking
  • conical bottom
  • 0.2µM filter membrane
    • Sterile gas exchange
  • 5 openings
    • (A, B, C, D, E) of different size above the gas permeable, sterile PTFE filter of the screw cap
    • Openings can be sealed to adjust gas exchange according to need
  • Fits in standard 15ml centrifuge rotors
    • Saves costs of culture start-ups in erlenmyer flasks and then transfer to conical tubes
    • Culture and spin in a single tube


    • Great gas exchange throughout the culture
      • Defined ventilation
    • Flexible working Vol with one type of tube
      • No transfer stage - Spin down in the same tube
    • Large-scale parallel experiments
      • Rapid sampling following centrifugation, and the tube is disposable
      • No internal stirring mechanism to damage cells or produce foam
    • Less incubator or hood space needed; when compared to a T75
      • Less plastic usage and less plastic waste
      • Easier withdrawal from tube than a flask

Bacterial and Microbiological Cultures
TPP TubeSpin Bioreactors are ideally suited for the culture of bacteria, yeast, and other microbiological organisms in suspension.  The simple, disposable format offers convenience and time-savings over traditional glass vessels such as test tubes which must be washed and autoclaved before each use.  Both aerobic and anaerobic cultures can be grown by selectively covering the holes in the 0.22um filter cap.  1-35mL of culture can be grown in each TubeSpin bioreactor, offering the flexibility to perform mini plasmid preps, small-scale candidate screens, or other downstream applications.

The simple 50mL tube design contains no internal mixing or stirring mechanism which minimizes cell shearing and foam formation, and agitation is provided by shaking in a CO2 shaking incubator. In this manner, hundreds of cell cultivations can be performed quickly and efficiently in parallel.

Water loss
If small culture Vols are incubated over a longer period of time, the loss of water influences the growth of cells.

By the closure of one or several openings above the gas permeable and sterile PTFE membrane, this water loss can be minimized.

Sterile gas exchange is guaranteed through the 0.22 µm pore size PTFE filter membrane.

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Literature and comprehensive information about shaking technology can be found in the "Forum Shaking Technology", a cooperation of TPP with competent partner companies.