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TPP Polar Cryogenic Tubes

Perfect for long term storage of Cell lines or Harvested Tissues in the freezer or cryogenic dewars (LN2 vapor phase)

    • Pronounced external thread for gas and aerosol tight seal
      • Enables a fitted seal to prevent leaking during storage, transportation or centrifugation
      • Protects sample integrity by reducing contamination
  • The external threading results in a smooth internal surface that eliminates undue loss of specimen material during removal.
  • Uniquely designed vial geometry voids the use of silicone gaskets
  • Self-standing tube with star bottom permits one handed opening/closing
  • Manufactured with the highest quality of virgin raw materials
    • Minimizes sample interaction with the centrifuge tube material and prevents leaching that decreases sample integrity
    • No additives, slip agents, biocides or plasticizers are utilized in the manufacturing process
  • White writing surface for easy labeling
    • On side of tube  permits detailed description labeling
    • Ideal pairing with labeling TPP cap inserts
  • Highly visible white & accurate graduations
  • Supplied in convenient, puncture and tear resistant re-closable bags with zipper and laser perforation
  • Permits ergonomic open/close under sterile conditions
  • Application based options available
    • Cell line freezing & long term storage
    • Sample storage and secure transport
    • Long term storage of harvested tissues

Quality Assurance:

  • Sterile (gamma irradiated)
  • DNAse/RNAse, pyrogen, and heavy metal-free


  • Always use appropriate safety equipment and practices when handling frozen polar tubes
  • TPP Polar Tubes are to be used for storage  in the gas/vapor phase
  • Avoid filling up the Polar Tubes to the maximal filling volume to avoid spillage of liquid sample due to expansion of liquids upon freezing



Temperature Range

Max. RCF

Polypropylene (PP) Tubes

-196°C to 121°C

9,500 x g