Pall® Minimate™ capsules with Omega™ membrane

Reusable TFF Device for Bioprocessing Applications Accelerates and Simplifies Processing of Up to 1 L

Efficient processing. Concentration and diafiltration (desalting or buffer exchange) processes can be performed on the same system with minimal user intervention.

Achieves high concentration factors in a single step due to the low holdup volume of the device. Process sample volumes up to 1 L or more and efficiently concentrate samples to as little as 5 mL.

Minimate TFF capsule includes all fittings and tubing to simplify installation into filtration setups. This versatile, self-contained device works with a variety of positive pressure laboratory pumps.

Cost-effective design for non-critical applications. The plastic construction of the Minimate TFF capsule and chemical compatibility of the Omega™ PES ultrafiltration membrane facilitate cleaning and reuse.

Scalable. Several Minimate TFF capsules may be connected in parallel for increased membrane area. (For more information, contact Pall Technical Service.) -Minimate TFF capsules have the same path length and materials of construction as larger Pall Centramate™ and Centrasette™ cassette systems used in pilot and production plants. Predictable performance saves time when scaling up a process.

High product recovery. Optimized flow path design coupled with low protein binding Omega membrane minimize non-specific binding.

Reusable economically-priced device can be dedicated to a single batch or process eliminating the time required for cleaning and validation.

Each Minimate capsule is 100% integrity tested during manufacture to ensure reliable performance. For critical applications, the user can re-test the integrity after initial use. A Certificate of Quality is included with each capsule.


Pall® Minimate™ Tangential Flow Filtration Systems

Minimate™ Streamlines Laboratory-Scale Concentration, Desalting, and Buffer Exchange Processes

Plug-n-play design. Plug in a Minimate™ TFF capsule, add sample, and turn on the pump to start processing. The Minimate™ TFF system includes all the hardware, tubing, and fittings needed to get your TFF process up and running quickly.

High concentration factors. The low system working volume achieved through the use of a conical bottom reservoir and compact design enables high concentration factors from up to 1 L or more of sample to be achieved. Concentrate your sample down to as little as 5 mL.

All wetted components are made from low protein binding, chemically resistant, biologically safe materials.

Minimal sample carryover. The system has a very low volume and interior fluid contact area. Fluid does not pass through and is not retained in the pump mechanism.

Roller head peristaltic pumps provide gentle processing and are the choice for critical applications such as fragile biomolecules.

System components are designed for easy assembly and disassembly; no tools required. Tubing and fitting replacement is simple and quick. Slip nuts for luer locks eliminate tubing kinks.