TPP Plastics

MIDSCI carries an extensive selection of superior quality TPP plastics built to boost cell health and provide reliable experimental results.


Our line of TPP products, including cell culture plasticware, are made from the highest purity TPP plastics and are innovatively modeled to improve the generation of consistent and reproducible data.


Ergonomically designed to offer better comfort and sample handling, our TPP plasticwares secure optimal cell retrieval for more efficient downstream applications.


Our TPP plastics, including cell and tissue cultureware, offer a flatter, more consistent growth surface for a more consistent monolayer as well.


Furthermore, insulated vents ensure even temperature distribution when stacked.


Finally, ridged gripping surface on dishes and plates facilitate handling, high visibility, painted alphanumerics, graduations and writing surfaces.



TPP Tissue Culture Flasks

TPP Tissue Culture Flasks

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TPP Multi-well Plates

TPP Multi-well Plates

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TPP Dishes

TPP Tissue Culture Dishes

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TPP Cryogenic Tubes

Perfect for long-term storage of Cell lines or Harvested Tissues in the freezer or cryogenic dewars (LN2 vapor phase)

  • Pronounced external thread for gas and aerosol tight seal
    • Enables a fitted seal to prevent leaking during storage, transportation or centrifugation
    • Protects sample integrity by reducing contamination
  • The external threading results in a smooth internal surface that eliminates undue loss of specimen material during removal.
  • Uniquely designed vial geometry voids the use of silicone gaskets
  • Self-standing tube with star bottom permits one handed opening/closing
  • Manufactured with the highest quality of virgin raw materials
    • Minimizes sample interaction with the centrifuge tube material and prevents leaching that decreases sample integrity
    • No additives, slip agents, biocides or plasticizers are utilized in the manufacturing process
  • White writing surface for easy labeling
    • On side of tube permits detailed description labeling
    • Ideal pairing with labeling TPP cap inserts
  • Highly visible white & accurate graduations
  • Supplied in convenient, puncture and tear-resistant re-closable bags with zipper and laser perforation
  • Permits ergonomic open/close under sterile conditions
  • Application-based options available
    • Cell line freezing & long-term storage
    • Sample storage and secure transport
    • Long-term storage of harvested tissues


Quality Assurance:

Sterile (gamma irradiated)

DNAse/RNAse, pyrogen, and heavy metal-free



Always use appropriate safety equipment and practices when handling frozen polar tubes

TPP Polar Tubes are to be used for storage  in the gas/vapor phase

Avoid filling up the Polar Tubes to the maximal filling volume to avoid spillage of liquid sample due to expansion of liquids upon freezing




Temperature Range

Max. RCF

Polypropylene (PP) Tubes

-196°C to 121°C

9,500 x g


TPP Tissue Culture Test Plates

  • Air vents in the base of the plates allow for consistent airflow between stacked plates. 
  • The consistent airflow ensures even temperature distribution, condensation prevention, and greater well-to-well consistency. 
  • The yellow marking area on the lid and plate ensures correct lid orientation: Yellow on yellow = match!
  • Ridged grip area ensures a secure grasp and prevents accidentally lifting off the lid
  • Easy-to-read alpha-numerical labeling between the wells for easy orientation during microscopy
  • Clear alphanumerics between well bottoms and black alphanumerics on the surface of the plate
  • Absolutely flat growth surface promotes uniform cell growth without clumping
  • All TPP plate sizes (6, 12, 24, 48 and 96-well) stack securely together
  • Crystal clear transparency allows for high-quality microscopy images
  • Treated only on well bottoms to promote cell attachment and proliferation
  • The sloped edge allows the placement of the lid in one position only
  • Textured grip areas ensure a secure grasp and prevent accidental lift off of the lid
  • 2-well geometries available for the 96 well plates: F-base (flat bottom) and U-base (U bottom)


Quality Assurance

  • Made from optically clear polystyrene for excellent viewing
  • Sterile, packaged individually or in convenient multipacks
  • Plate lids have anti-contamination rings that line up with the top of each well
  • Certified DNAse/RNAse, nucleic acid, and pyrogen-free

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Item #DescriptionPackagingQuantity
TP920066-well TC Plate, Flat BottomIndividual126 pks/cs
TP9201212-well TC Plate, Flat BottomIndividual126 pks/cs
TP9202424-well TC Plate, Flat BottomIndividual126 pks/cs
TP9204848-well TC Plate, Flat BottomIndividual126 pks/cs
TP9209696-well TC Plate, Flat BottomIndividual162 pks/cs
TP9209796-well TC Plate, Round BottomIndividual162 pks/cs
TP924066-well TC Plate, Flat Bottom4/pk18 pks/cs
TP9241212-well TC Plate, Flat Bottom4/pk18 pks/cs
TP9242424-well TC Plate, Flat Bottom4/pk18 pks/cs
TP9244848-well TC Plate, Flat Bottom4/pk18 pks/cs
TP9269696-well TC Plate, Flat Bottom6/pk18 pks/cs
TP9269796-well TC Plate, Round Bottom6/pk18 pks/cs
TP9211212-well TC Plate, Flat BottomIndividual42 pks/cs


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Premium TPP Tissue Culture Flasks with Vented Caps

Innovative features and outstanding cell growth properties make the TPP Tissue Culture Flasks the ideal choice for adherent cell culture in academia and industry.

  • Cell growth surface
    • Uniform flat growth surface promotes cell growth without clumping
    • Growth area is opto-mechanically treated to promote cell adhesion and growth
  • Lifted base
    • Stable, slip-free stacking of multiple TPP flasks
    • Allows for air flow between flasks to prevent condensation buildup
      • Resulting in uniform temperature and CO2 distribution
  • Crystal clear transparency for great microscopy images!
  • Geometry of the neck reduces risk of media slop over
  • Geometry of the neck guarantees total access of TPP pipettes, TPP scrappers and the TPP spatula. No dead corners = 100% cell retrieval.
  • White and accurate Vol graduations for optic control of the filling Vol.
  • Highly visible bilateral marking area
  • Vented cap settings for "on" at 12 o'clock position and "off" at 3 o'clock position.

Additional Advantages

Flasks are available in either filter cap or vented cap:

The TPP Click

1. A click and the <> screw cap is in the <> aeration-position.
Visual control: the slightly raised rectangle is at 12 o'clock.
2. Turn <> screw cap clockwise 90° to close the flask gas-tight closed.
Visual control: the slightly raised rectangle is at 3 o'clock.

Filter Membrane in Filter Screw Cap
The filter screw caps feature a hydrophobic PTFE membrane with a pore size of 0.22 µm. This offers protection - as the hydrophobic characteristics repel any fluid - with optimal gas exchange at the same time.

Quality Assurance:

  • Made from optically clear polystyrene for excellent viewing
  • Sterile, packaged in gamma irradiated, sterile sleeves
  • Certified DNAse/RNAse, nucleic acid, and pyrogen-free

Item #DescriptionCap StyleQuantity
TP9002525 cm² TC FlaskVented360/cs
TP9002625 cm² TC FlaskFiltered360/cs
TP9007575 cm² TC FlaskVented100/cs
TP9007675 cm² TC FlaskFiltered100/cs
TP90150150 cm² TC FlaskVented36/cs
TP90151150 cm² TC FlaskFiltered36/cs
TP90300300 cm² TC FlaskVented18/cs
TP90301300 cm² TC FlaskFiltered18/cs

TPP Tissue Culture Dishes

Key Features:

  • Vents provide airflow between stacked dishes for consistent growth conditions and prevention of Condensation
  • Surface treatment of the growth area developed by TPP optimally enhances the proliferation of the cells
  • Serrated grip ring on lid prevents accidental drops or lid lift offs in unsterile conditions.
  • Double marking areas - yellow and frosted marking spots for easy labeling.
  • Stacking ring on the lid and corresponding ridge on the base provide an extremely secure stacking feature
  • Numeric "clock" markings (12, 3, 6, 9) for quick orientation during microscopy.
  • Crystal clear clarity for great microscopy images.

Consistent Growth Conditions

  • Air vents in the dish base allow airflow between stacked dishes for consistent air flow, temperature distribution, and prevention of condensation.
  • Both features provide consistent growth conditions even when dishes are stacked.
  • Outstanding flatness of surface promotes uniform cell growth without clumping.

Notable extra features

  • Tissue culture dishes are designed for manual handling.
  • The yellow inscription field on the lid and the frosted inscription field on the base enable a defined positioning of the lid.
  • The side walls of the dish are not treated for tissue growth

Quality Assurance:

  • Made from optically clear polystyrene for excellent viewing
  • Sterile, packaged peel-off sleeves
  • Certified DNAse/RNAse, nucleic acid, and pyrogen-free

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TPP TubeSpin® Bioreactors

TPP TubeSpin® Bioreactors have a proven track record in large scale screening and optimization processes of suspension cells. The optimization of the parameters, important for production up-scaling, can be evaluated with small amounts maximizing the number of parallel experiments at the same time.

Suspension cells ranging from immune cells to insect cells and microorganisms like E.coli to yeast can be cultured and centrifuged in TubeSpin® Bioreactors, eliminating the need for transferring before spinning down.

  • working Vol 1-35mL
    • easy to start small suspension cell cultures from frozen
    • ergonomic use of bacterial and yeast cultures -- static and shaking
  • conical bottom
  • 0.2µM filter membrane
    • Sterile gas exchange
  • 5 openings
    • (A, B, C, D, E) of different size above the gas permeable, sterile PTFE filter of the screw cap
    • Openings can be sealed to adjust gas exchange according to need
  • Fits in standard 15ml centrifuge rotors
    • Saves costs of culture start-ups in erlenmyer flasks and then transfer to conical tubes
    • Culture and spin in a single tube


    • Great gas exchange throughout the culture
      • Defined ventilation
    • Flexible working Vol with one type of tube
      • No transfer stage - Spin down in the same tube
    • Large-scale parallel experiments
      • Rapid sampling following centrifugation, and the tube is disposable
      • No internal stirring mechanism to damage cells or produce foam
    • Less incubator or hood space needed; when compared to a T75
      • Less plastic usage and less plastic waste
      • Easier withdrawal from tube than a flask

Bacterial and Microbiological Cultures
TPP TubeSpin Bioreactors are ideally suited for the culture of bacteria, yeast, and other microbiological organisms in suspension.  The simple, disposable format offers convenience and time-savings over traditional glass vessels such as test tubes which must be washed and autoclaved before each use.  Both aerobic and anaerobic cultures can be grown by selectively covering the holes in the 0.22um filter cap.  1-35mL of culture can be grown in each TubeSpin bioreactor, offering the flexibility to perform mini plasmid preps, small-scale candidate screens, or other downstream applications.

The simple 50mL tube design contains no internal mixing or stirring mechanism which minimizes cell shearing and foam formation, and agitation is provided by shaking in a CO2 shaking incubator. In this manner, hundreds of cell cultivations can be performed quickly and efficiently in parallel.

Water loss
If small culture Vols are incubated over a longer period of time, the loss of water influences the growth of cells.

By the closure of one or several openings above the gas permeable and sterile PTFE membrane, this water loss can be minimized.

Sterile gas exchange is guaranteed through the 0.22 µm pore size PTFE filter membrane.

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Literature and comprehensive information about shaking technology can be found in the "Forum Shaking Technology", a cooperation of TPP with competent partner companies.

Features of TPP Tissue Culture Flask with re-closable Lid 115 / 150 cm2:

  • Multi-use re-closable liquid-tight lid
  • Complete access to flask chamber from above
  • Safe, stable, slip-free stacking of multiple flasks
  • Optionally available with barriers with additional safety zone

It is important that only filter screw caps are employed. An internal pressure of more than 0.03 bar (0,00043 psi) in the flask without pressure equalization might raise the lid and result in leakage.

Features of TPP Tissue Culture Flask with peel-off Foil 25 - 300 cm2:

  • Available in all sizes: 25 - 300 cm2
  • Large pinched flap for a firm grip
  • Foil is peeled off before access to the cultivation chamber
  • Strong welding of peel-off foil
  • Multi-layer foil material
  • Stacking ring offers stable and slip-free stapling of several flasks
  • Optionally available with barrier

This flask cannot be re-closed after the foil has been peeled-off.
The foil is welded securely to the polystyrene carrier.
It is important to use only filter screw caps. An internal pressure of more than 0.03 bar (0,00043 psi) in the flask without pressure equalization might raise the foil and result in leakage.
Quality Assurance:

  • Made from optically clear polystyrene for excellent viewing
  • Sterile, packaged in gamma irradiated, sterile sleeves
  • Certified DNAse/RNAse, nucleic acid, and pyrogen-free


Peel Off FlasksDescriptionCap StyleQuantity
TP9002825 cm² TC FlaskFiltered70/cs
TP9007875 cm² TC FlaskFiltered32/cs
TP90153150 cm² TC FlaskFiltered18/cs
TP90303300 cm² TC FlaskFiltered8/cs
TP90653115 cm² TC FlaskFiltered18/cs
Re-closable FlasksDescriptionCap StyleQuantity
TP90552150 cm² TC FlaskFiltered18/cs
TP9065215 cm² TC FlaskFiltered18/cs

TPP Tissue Culture Tubes


Features of the unique tissue culture flat tube 10:

  • Multifunctional: cultivation, incubation, examination under microscopy, centrifugation...
  • Conical shape of the tube eases the removal of the pellet
  • 10 cm2 surface activated growth area with new surface quality resulting in crystal clear transparency
  • Large opening for complete access of pipettes and scrappers
  • Great clarity for visual control with inverse microscopes
  • Sloped and flattened upper side results in reduced refraction
  • Centrifugation in a 50 mL standard adapter at 1,200 g
  • Segmental packaging of 4 protects the individual tubes of scratches during transportation and handling
  • Bag slits with laser perforation for easy opening mechanism

The corresponding TPP tissue culture rack fits 8 x tubes in a horizontal position for storage in a CO2 incubator.

Features of the tissue culture tube 20:

  • 20 cm2 surface activated growth area
  • Growth area over a length of 50 mm
  • Volume graduations up to the tip
  • Specially formed 10-sided comb from «VENT» screw cap with “Click” avoids inadvertent rolling and enables regaining previous positions
  • A click to the lock position and the «VENT» screw cap is in the aeration position, which guarantees constant airflow even when the tube is in a vertical position.
  • Fits a 15 mL standard tube adapter, and can be spun up to 1,200 g
  • Convenient re-closable zipper bag with laser perforation



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TPP Filtermax Filtration Units


Rapid Filtermax in bottle-filter combo or filter alone beats the competition in speed of filtration and ergonomic design. The overall quadratic shape not only provides a sturdier design and saves refrigerator space with its square bottom, but also houses the premium 0.2µm PES membrane in a larger size.


Key Features

  • Large quadratic filter surface of 49 cm2 (250mL filter) and 69 cm2 (500mL filter) is 20% larger than similar Vol units with circular membranes
  • Premium PES (Polyether sulfone) filter membrane, pore size of 0.22 µm
  • High flow rate
  • Low protein binding, excellent chemical resistance
  • Secure footprint: unlike round filters, TPP square filters are more stable when filtering and less likely to tip over
  • 45mm neck thread on the filter
    • Filter tops can fit bottles with 45 mm neck thread
  • Quadratic form stores media more efficiently with less wasted space than circular bottles


Additional User-Friendly Advantages

  • The tapered form at the neck enables large and small hands a firm and slip-free grip of the rapid-Filtermax system - even when wearing rubber gloves
  • One separate packed screw cap and adapter for the vacuum connection hose with an inside diameter of Ø 6 - 10 mm (2.36 - 3.94 inch) is supplied with each system
  • Full buyer’s flexibility: choice of a filter set, top only, or flask only, all provided with a 45mm screw thread.


Quality Assurance

  • Gamma-sterilized, DNAse/RNAse-Free, and pyrogen-Free
  • Individually wrapped in a peel-off plastic wrapper
  • Screw cap & vacuum accessories included in each sterile package 

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TP99150150 mL Rapid-Filtermax Bottle Filter System, PES, 0.22 µm Membrane1/pk, 18pks/cs
TP99157150 mL Reservoir Bottle Only1/pk, 24pks/cs
TP99250250 mL Rapid-Filtermax Bottle Filter System, PES, 0.22 µm Membrane1/pk, 12pks/cs
TP99257250 mL Reservoir Bottle Only1/pk, 24pks/cs
TP99500500 mL Rapid-Filtermax Bottle Filter System, PES, 0.22 µm Membrane1/pk, 10pks/cs
TP99505500 mL Rapid-Filtermax Bottle (Filter Bottle Only), PES, 0.22 µm Membrane1/pk, 21pks/cs
TP99507500 mL Reservoir Bottle Only1/pk, 36pks/cs
TP999501000 mL Rapid-Filtermax Bottle Filter System, PES, 0.22 µm Membrane1/pk, 9pks/cs
TP999551000 mL Rapid-Filtermax Bottle (Filter Bottle Only), PES, 0.22 µm Membrane1/pk, 12pks/cs
TP999571000 mL Reservoir Bottle Only1/pk, 20pks/cs



Clipmax Chamber Slide System 10cm2

Grow cells in Clipmax, a combination of a tissue culture flask 10 cm2 with the removable microscope slide (25 x 75mm).

Remove the chamber, fix and stain the cells directly on the microscope slide.  Clipmax is especially designed for cell culture as the slide can be used directly for immunocytochemistry and various cell analyses.

Features of Clipmax:


  • Crystal clear plastic microscope slide
    • Suitable for stainings and especially for immunofluorescence measurements
    • Resistant to solvents (eg acetone, ethanol, xylene)

Great for many CELL types

  • Activated growth surface for delicate cells
  • Removable medium chamber with a âclick❠without the need of a special removeable tool

EASY to remove

  • Removable medium chamber with a âclick❠and without the need of a removing tool


Flask for reduced contamination threats

  • Filter screw cap for optimal gas exchange with minimal evaporation
  • Stackable

Uses only 3.5 ml of media for a media saving, easy to use solution to treating and viewing your cells!

TPP Syringe Filters

TPP Syringe Filters, designed by scientists for scientists, improves the ease and rate of filtering small Vols of tissue culture media, aqueous solutions, additives, buffers and water.

Key Features:

  • Designed for high flow rate of media or aqueous solutions
    • 3 to 5 times faster than standard syringe filters
    • Typical starting flow rate at 25°C for water at 2bar (~29psi) is 175mL/min
  • 0.22µm or µm PES membrane
    • Low protein binding
  • Larger filter surface
    • Low dead Vol Additional specifications
  • Higher operating pressure
    • Burst pressure 10bar (~145psi)
    • Bubble point 3.7bar (~53psi)
  • Standard luer-lock connection
  • Housing diameter size 33 mm, Syringe filter rests perfectly on a 50mL centrifuge tube
  • Gamma-sterilized, DNAse/RNAse-Free, and pyrogen-Free
  • Individually wrapped in peel-off plastic wrapper in convenient card box dispenser

Typical applications:

Sterile filtration of protein solutions, tissue culture media, additives, buffers, and water.

Solutions can be filtered fast due to:

  • Large filter surface area, that is increasing the flow rate and throuput
  • High operating pressure: a maximum housing pressure of 10 bar (~145 psi).

The syringe filter units bi-directional support of the filter membrane enables users to filter aqueous solutions in either direction (only ONE direction per use):

  • Forward (from the syringe into the container)
  • Backward (from the container into the syringe)

The filter unit removes micro organisms, particles, precipitates, and undissolved powders larger than 0.22 micron or 0.45 micron, depending on filter used.

Order#DescriptionFilter Area (cm2)Membrane TypeDimensions (mm)MaterialQuantity
TP997220.22 µm Syringe Filters 6PES33 x 27PET/PES40/cs
TP997450.45 µm Syringe Filters 6PES33 x 27PET/PES40/cs

TPP Cell Scrapers

TPP Cell Scrapers have a pivoting head that enables the blade angle to be changed effortlessly with a slight twist of the fingers while still in contact with the surface being scraped. This allows for easy and thorough cell retrieval from vessels of all shapes and sizes without having to constantly re-position the scraper or culture vessel.  The TPP exclusive raised knobs on the handle allow for a slip free and secure grip when wearing gloves.

Key Features

  • Scraper blade
    • Pivots for easy maneuvering without constant lifting and re-positioning
  • Made from a especially soft and flexible polyethylene material
    • Maintains great contact but won't damage cells
  • Small raised knobs on handle for a secure grip
  • Scraper sizes provide superior access to all edges of culture vessels of all shapes and sizes
    • Allows for 100% cell retrieval
  • Sterile, individually packaged in a paper/plastic peel-off wrapper
    • Packed in stackable and user friendly TPP boxes
  • Lint-free blistering packaging


Item #DescriptionHead WidthQuantity
TP99002Scraper (24 cm)1.3 cm150/cs
TP99003Scraper (30 cm)2.0 cm150/cs
TP99004Scraper (38 cm)2.5 cm100/cs
TP99010Spatula (20 cm)1.4 cm150/cs

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We are sorry some of these products have been discontinued.
GREAT NEWS, we have replacements & TPP is working on new pipettes. 

Replacement item
TP940011 ml Serological Pipettes
PR1MA 1 mL Serological Pipet
TP940022 ml Serological Pipettes
PR1MA 2 mL Serological Pipet
TP940055 ml Serological Pipettes
PR1MA 5 mL Serological Pipet
TP9401010 ml Serological Pipettes
PR1MA 10 mL Serological Pipet
TP9402425 ml Serological Pipettes
PR1MA 25 mL Serological Pipet

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 for replacements for all sizes of pipettes 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, & 100 mL
If you don’t find what you need, or want us to find it, email 

TPP Serologicals were uniquely designed to be shorter and more ergonomic to permit access into vessels of all shapes and sizes, while providing the end user significant advantages in liquid handing and overall usage. The single piece construction of TPP serologicals 1-25mLs eliminate media drip post-aspiration.

Key features:
Standard serological pipettes: TPP 1mL, 2mL, 5mL, 10mL & 25mL Serologicals

  • Accurate Vol 1 - 25 ml
  • Highly visible, bidirectional (ascending, descending), and over-Vol graduations
  • Single piece construction prevents "pipette drip"
  • Smooth interiors, prevent cell hang-up or clumping inside the pipette
  • Shorter length reduces arm/back strain of end user
  • Excellent optical transparency
  • Color coded cotton plugs and dispenser boxes for easy identification
    • (25mL - Red, 10mL - Orange,  5mL - Blue, 2mL - Green, 1mL - Yellow)
  • Convenient, stackable TPP dispenser box
  • Single wrapped in lint-free paper/plastic blister

Serological pipettes with reservoir: TPP 25/40mL & 50/70mL Serologicals

  • Manufactured with highest grade PS, extremely break resistant and robust
  • Reservoir offers large capacity Vols in a compact, ergonomic design. It augments the total Vol capacity without adding proportionate length to the pipette
  • Slender and short form enables ergonomic working conditions in the sterile hood
  • Small outside diameter of the tube at the tip results in an excellent accessibility of the large pipettes even in small tissue culture flasks
  • 40mL and 70mL max Vols enable larger media aspiration
  • Optimized form of the mouthpiece preserves the rubber of the pipette aid

The serological pipettes with reservoir from TPP are molded with highest grade polystyrene. They fit in all commercially available pipette aids with rubber inserts.

Convenient Packaging Design

  • Individually wrapped in lint free paper / plastic blister
  • Color coded, convenient stackable TPP dispenser box
  • Single dispense or convenient opening for dispensing larger number of pipettes


Quality Assurance for all TPP Serologicals:

  • Manufactured with the highest grade of polystyrene for greater break resistance
  • DNAse/RNAse-free, low endotoxin level <0.1EU/ml
  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation
  • Individually wrapped in peel-off paper/plastic wrapper

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