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  • TPP Tissue Culture Products

    TPP Tissue culture products are known for their quality, consistency, and ease of use. With a full line of flasks, plates, dishes, and more, you can lower evaporation, decrease contamination threats, and increase reproducibility!

    Ask us how TPP products from MIDSCI can innovate your tissue culture today.

  • Buy 15 boxes of gloves and get 5 free!

    For a limited time only, Aurelia nitrile and latex gloves are buy 15 boxes get 5 free (within a family)! MIDSCI’s wide variety of glove colors and thicknesses ensure the right fit for your lab and research!

  • Liquid Nitrogen and Storage Tanks

    MIDSCI brings you the series of Taylor-Wharton cryogenic refrigerators and dewars to meet your cryo-storage and transportation requirements, while being affordable as well as reliable. The high-performance refrigerators incorporate durable, lightweight construction, maximum holding times for optimum capacities, while the dewars are designed for storing and dispensing small amounts of liquid nitrogen.

  • Avant and AvantGuard Pipette Tips

    How important are your reagents? MIDSCI offers true low binding pipette tips that deliver performance and quality. Ask us for a pipette tip demo to truly SEE the difference our pipette tips make.

  • Alphapette Pipettors

    Alphapette Pipettors from MIDSCI deliver not only unrivaled precision and accuracy, but also a LIFETIME warranty and free calibration with each! Alphapettes are a favorite among many labs due to their low ejection force and adjustable plunger!

  • Bullseye Green Choice Agarose

    MIDSCI offers Bullseye Green Choice agarose for superior band resolution at an affordable price. The GC Agarose is manufactured in a longer air-dryed process without the use of harmful toxic agents. Buy 2 for only $380!

  • Chemical Neutralizing Products

    NEW!! MIDSCI now offers chemical neutralizing powders. Amphomag® efficiently handles all your spill control needs due to its unique ability to neutralize acids and bases. Amphomag® contains an innovative multi-range pH indicator that further simplifies spill response.

  • Z-SC1 -80 Freezers

    MIDSCI proudly offers Z-SC1 freezers for the ultimate in sample protection. With two independently running compressors that EACH maintain -80 and an innovative monitoring system, you will never have to run in on the weekends to save your samples!

TPP Cell and Tissue Culture PlasticWare

TPP Cultureware from MIDSCI ® improves cell health and provides reliable experimental results.

Tissue Culture

  • Flatter, more consistent growth surface for

    a more consistent monolayer

  • Integrated vents ensure even temperature

    distribution when stacked


Our innovative liquid handling technologies are flexible and reliable

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The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a powerful core molecular biology technique

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Liquid Nitrogen Cryovial Long term Storage transportation Capacity specific storage for laboratories of all need

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    Three common problems and solutions to getting reproducible qPCR results!


    Real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) is an extremely sensitive assay in which the slightest variation can influence the results. Thus, to have a consistent and efficient qPCR assays, several parameters must first be optimized or taken into account. In this post we hightlight three common problems and solutions to getting reproducible qPCR results.

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  • Freezer Inventory Log

    Freezer Inventory Log


    The second law of thermodynamics can be expressed in several ways and one of those states that the degreed of disorder is always increasing in the universe. This is especially the case in a laboratory setting for these routine scenarios. 

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  • Selecting a DNA Gel Documentation Systems

    Selecting a DNA Gel Documentation Systems

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    “Gel documentation systems are a necessity in any laboratory that works with DNA. Equipment for gel documentation has evolved from simple UV lights and Polaroid cameras to advanced digital data-acquisition and -analysis systems … [As such,] It can be difficult to narrow down such a broad field of commercially available instruments.

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"Thanks so much for your technical help and for the samples. I always appreciate the service I get from you guys at MIDSCI; you're the best!"

Jeff - University of Kansas

"I liked the design of the flasks...the neck is way high up so that there is no chance of the media going to the neck and causing contamination..."

Piyali Dasgupta - Marshall University

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