Alcohol Hydrometers - Tralle and Proof Scales

Alcohol Hydrometers measure using the Tralle and Proof scales. Model 6612-1 includes ranges 0 to 100% Tralle and 0 to 200% Proof. Approximate length is 305 mm. Model 6612-2TS includes ranges 0 to 100% Tralle and 0 to 200% Proof; also includes an internal thermometer for measuring solution temperature from -10 to +100°F. Approximate length is 355 mm.

Battery Acid Hydrometer and Syphon Set

Battery Acid Testing Syphon Set is used in many industrial settings including:
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Automotive Services
  • Solar Powered System Maintenance
  • General Industrial Applications

The set includes: a specific gravity hydrometer, glass syphon: tube w/ rubber bulb, nozzle and clamp. The rubber parts are made of nitrile rubber, which is chemically inert and durable. A reinforced box provides storage and is compartmented to eliminate breakage. Replacement parts are available.

Baume Hydrometers

Baume Scale Hydrometers are for liquids heavier than water. The Baume Scale is based on the following: Specific Gravity = 145/(145 - degrees Baume).
Key Features:
  • Wide variety of Baume Ranges available
  • Approximate length of 305mm

Dual Scale Baume Gravity Hydrometers 

Specific Gravity and Baume Dual Scale Hydrometers have two scales on the stem, covering different applications with one unit. Specific Gravity, also known as relative density, is the ratio of the mass of a liquid to the mass of an equal volume of distilled water. The Baume scale has two different scales: one for liquids heavier than water and one for liquids lighter than water.

Hydrometer Cases

PVC Hydrometer Cases help protect your hydrometer up to 390 mm length.

IRS Alcohol Hydrometers

IRS Alcohol Hydrometers use the Proof scale and complies with IRS specifications. 

Approximate length is 305 mm, except 6613-B which is 230 mm.

IRS Alcohol Hydrometers with NIST Certificate

Certified Alcohol Hydrometers are Three Point Certified to IRS Standards for Proof and Tolerances and Traceable to NIST. Commonly used in Distilleries, requiring Certification, VEE GEE Certified Hydrometers come with:
  • Alcohol Hydrometer
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • Protective Case

Certification is ordered with the hydrometer and requires 10-15 business days for delivery

Liquid Petroleum Gas Hydrometer

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Hydrometer measure the specific gravity of LPG such as propane, butane, and other light hydrocarbons. Includes an internal Safety blue thermometer for temperature measurement  from +30° to +90°F with a 1°F subdivision. 

Plato Hydrometers

Plato Hydrometers are calibrated to show the concentration of extract as a percentage by weight in brewery wort. For example, a 5°P reading indicates 5 g of extract per 100 g of wort. Primarily used in the brewing industry, the Plato scale is carried out at 20°C. 

Universal Dual Scale Specific Gravity/Baume Hydrometer

Wide-Range Specific Gravity Hydrometers is ideal when you aren't sure of the approximate value of your liquid. This dual-scale model also shows the Baume scale. Also use for multiple liquids with different specific gravity within the range of the hydrometer, allowing multiple uses with one unit.