MIDSCI Customer Testimonials

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Tissue Culture Products

  • I would like to express my complete satisfaction with the TPP cell line culture consumables. I am, and our labs, primarily using TPP flasks and culture dishes to propagate Mouse embryonic fibroblast cells, Human embryonic stem cells, and Mouse embryonic stem cells for our current research projects. Filtered flasks have a significant advantage over conventional aerated flasks. Cell adhesion and growth are equal to or better than other forms of culture consumables. Packaging is user friendly and delivery time of order placement, and receipt is exceptional. I would like to make a recommendation that the small 40X11mm plates be packed in a tray that could be used to facilitate microscopic examination and not disturbing cultures and introducing contamination.
    Al Campione, M.S., Midwestern University
  • I did get to try out those plates today, though, and the results were EXACTLY what I was looking for! I'm pretty sure switching over to polypropylene was exactly what I needed to do. Thanks for the advice! I would imagine the tapered shape of the wells in those plates helps as well. The centrifuge with the plate rotor that we're using will only take plates up to 4,000rpm (~3,200 x g), but a 10-minute spin at that speed seems to do the trick. I have just one or two other (hopefully very minor) kinks to work out of the assay, then I'll be ordering a case of plates and getting on the road to some good data! Thanks so much for your technical help and for the samples. I always appreciate the service I get from you guys at MidSci; you're the best!
    Jeff - University of Kansas
  • As a lab, we do a large volume of tissue culture work, and the quality of the plastics that we use is crucial to our lab's success. We work with a combination of adherent and suspension cells, ranging from primary cells from mice and human patients to well-known immortalized cell lines. We have always found TPP has a great design for all of their products (ranging from tissue culture plates, flasks, and conical tubes). Because of this, we have been purchasing TPP from MIDSCI for as long as I can remember, and it is one of the most consistent and best purchases that our lab makes.
    Noam, UCSF
  • I liked the design of the flasks….the neck is way high up so that there is no chance of the media going is the neck and causing contamination…also the rim around the plates in something I really liked…really great for holding the plates while doing trypsinization etc….the plates and flasks have excellent attachment properties and are great for cell culture.
    Piyali Dasgupta - Marhsall University

Sales Reps

  • Thank you for your awesome service! I only wish you carried absolutely everything we need to purchase, because dealing with our old supplier has become a time-consuming nightmare and their prices have gotten insane. Really, really appreciate your help!!
  • Many thanks for your help too! It is really nice to have a talented sales rep like you.Please stop by my lab anytime! I look forward to see you soon."  PS: I registered on the web you've sent me!
    Mizuki - University of Kansas

Shipping Department

  • Damn Charlene, I place an order this morning and I receive the order before I even get the confirmation back from you all. Your Shipping department is rocking!!!!!
    Patti H, - Washington Univerisity

Customer Service

  • Hello, Am not too sure who to direct this but I wanted to say that your sales rep, Jonathan Pedersen, is fantastic. He is always quick to respond to emails, get me a quote and is just a friendly person. In fact, I have switched from ordering most of my products from Fisher to MidSci, all because of his positive and helpful attitude (your products are great too)
    Barbara - Saint Louis University
  • By the way, I couldn’t think of my contact over there while we were on the phone, but it is Steve Candido. He helps me out a lot and has great communication with us to get orders issues straightened out. I appreciate everything, have a great day.
  • Your Customer Service is the best. You guys are so easy to work with.
    Judi H - KU
  • Sharon - Thanks for your attention to this matter. I really appreciate the excellent customer service. I will patiently await for it to arrive! Have a great day.
    Judi- Kansas University
  • OK order has been placed. I want to thank you for your prompt work. When I started out shopping, I contacted a couple of other vendors. I haven't dealt with you myself yet, so you didn't come to mind. I guess the other guys must be doing very good business and not need mine, because they took weeks to do anything, and then gave me answers to questions I didn't ask. It was Mary Anne who mentioned you to me (another pitch for extra tootsie pops for her!). From there it was pretty simple, and quick. I needed a freezer, you answered my questions, I ordered the freezer. All in a few days! And everyone is happy! Please feel free to share this with any of your MidSci colleagues whom you think may be interested.
  • Hi Sarah, Thank you so much! I placed the order yesterday and got the confirmation this morning – it was very easy and a good overall experience. Thank you again for the information! Have a good day!
    Meghan - Univ of WI