The Microbiome and Mental Health: A New Frontier in Neuroscience

Revolutionizing Research: How Game-Changing Liquid Handling Tech is Transforming Labs and Life as We Know It

Scientist with repetitive motion injury rubs hands together in pain

Pipetting Pains: How to Reduce Strain and Prevent Repetitive Motion Injury

Pipette Care and Maintenance in 6 Steps

Mini Vortexers in gray, green, teal, purple and red.

Tips to Choose the Right Vortexer for Your Lab

How to Use Lab Hot Plates and Stirrers

(+Tips to Avoid Starting a Fire)

Scientists using a pipette in the lab

How to Identify and Control pH Variation in Cell Culture Research

A dry bath, three water baths and a microcentrifuge tube

Three Tips to Buy the Right Water Bath or Dry Bath

Scientist holding an individual tube for PCR.

Best Practices to Improve PCR/qPCR Data (Vol. 2)

Scientist testing cold DNA samples

Tips to Keep Samples Cold Without Ruining Your Lab Equipment

Hermle Z366 Centrifuge

How to Select the Right Centrifuge for Your Cell Culture Room

A laboratory shaker and rotator side by side.

The Difference Between a Lab Shaker, Rocker and Rotator

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