• Used for upright freezer or chest freezer racks
    • Temperature range: -196 to +121 degree C
    • Box has drain holes on bottom and writing area on lid
    • Standard 5.25 x 5.25 x 2 inch format
    • Available cell dividers: 144, 100, 81, 64, 49, 36, 25, or 16

Cardboard Boxes

Order Number


Dimension LxDxH


Standard White 2" Cardboard Box



Standard White 2" Box w/cell divider


Standard Yellow 2" Cardboard Box


Standard Yellow 2" Cardboard Box w/cell divider


Standard White 3" Cardboard Box



Standard White 3" Cardboard Box w/cell divider


Standard White 4" Cardboard Box



Standard White 4" Cardboard Box w/ cell divider

*xx=number of dividers (144,100,81,64,49,36,25,16)


Standard Box Dividers For Cardboard and Metal Boxes

Order Number


Dimension LxDxH


Box Divider, 144-Cell



Box Divider, 100-Cell


Box Divider, 81-Cell


Box Divider, 64-Cell


Box Divider, 49-Cell


Box Divider, 36-Cell


Box Divider, 25-Cell


Box Divider, 16-Cell


Box Divider, 16-Cell

5.375x5.375x2.75 inch


Box Divider, 36-Cell

*xx=number of dividers (144,100,81,64,49,36,25,16)


Popular fraction-collector-plate style racks 

Rack holds 1.5 to 2.0mL microtubes in a 5 x 16 array. Tubes sit in large wells with conical bottoms. Polypropylene rack is ideal for freezer storage. Autoclavable. Available in natural, blue, greenpink, yellow, orange, or assorted colors (one of each). Rack measures 8 7/8 x 2 5/8 x 1 1/8". Packs of 5.



80-Well Microtube Rack, holds 1.5/2.0ml Tubes, Blue, 5/pk  
80-Well Microtube Rack, holds 1.5/2.0ml Tubes, Green, 5/pk 
80-Well Microtube Rack, holds 1.5/2.0ml Tubes, Pink, 5/pk 
80-Well Microtube Rack, holds 1.5/2.0ml Tubes, Yellow, 5/pk 
80-Well Microtube Rack, holds 1.5/2.0ml Tubes, Orange, 5/pk 
80-Well Microtube Rack, holds 1.5/2.0ml Tubes, Assorted, 5/pk 

Available in acrylic or ABS plastic 

Both versions hold 0.1 to 25mL pipets or cans. Racks feature four angled compartments. The ABS plastic version comes with optional attachments to hold pipet bulbs and pipet fillers on both sides of the rack. Cut-out "windows" on the ABS version makes the viewing of enclosed pipets easy. Magnetized version has strong magnets on both sides and mounts securely on fume hoods, file cabinets, and refrigerators. Measures 3.5 x 11.5 x 16".

Cat No. Description Units
HS20611 Clear Acrylic Manual Pipet Rack Each
HS20612 Blue ABS Manual Pipet Rack Each
HS20613 Red ABS Manual Pipet Rack Each

Supports a Variety of Different Sized Tubes!

Withstands Autoclaving, Freezing, or Use in Waterbaths!
Small Footprint - Easily Used Under Hood or on Benchtop!

The 4-Way Rack is a tube rack system designed to support a variety of tube sizes and styles.
Each rack can be rotated to support a variety of tube sizes including:

  • 4 x 50 mL conical tubes
  • 12 x 15 mL conical tubes
  • 32 x 1.5/2.0 mL microtubes
  • 32 x 0.5 mL microtubes 
Assorted Fluorescent Colors: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow

WR-96 Series

  • 96-well, 8 x 12 format
  • Holds 0.2ml PCR tubes, strip tubes, and plates (does not fit full skirted plates)
  • Supplied with clear lift-off lids


PCR Work-Up Rack fits PCR 0.2ml tubes, strip tubes or 96-well plates (including skirted plates). Polypropylene rack and lid click firmly for secure transportation and storage. Available in assorted colors: blue, green, yellow, violet and red.


  • Designed for convenience & versatility, this rack can be used while you are working or as a storage rack.
  • It includes a lid and can accomodate 32 x 0.2 ml PCR tubes, 24 x 1.5/2.0 ml & 16 x 0.5 ml microtubes.
  • Tube wells are alpha-numerically matrixed with raised bold type for quick identification.
  • If you use cycle plates, 8 or 12 tube strips, or lage quantities of 0.2 ml PCR tubes, the WRI-4A is for you.
  • Four retainer clips hold the tray firmly in place, yet allow fast and convenient removal when necessary.
  • Available with a clear lid and five flourescent colors: blue, green, orange, pink, yellow, or assorted.
Our rack is perfect for pre- or post-PCR® sampling applications. Sturdy polypropylene rack accommodates individual 0.2mL tubes or strips of 8 or 12 tubes. Tube wells are easily identified with imprinted numbers and letters. Features a removable hinged lid. Available in natural, bluegreenpinkyellow, or assorted colors (one of each). Packs of 5. PCR® is a registered trademark of Hoffman-LaRoche Inc.

Replace your disposable cardboard racks with these sturdy, reusable polypropylene storage racks. Accommodates 0.5, 1.5, and 2.0ml tubes and withstand temperatures as low as -90°C. Will easily fit standard freezer storage racks and drawers. approximate dimensions 5"x5"x2".  Fits standard 2 inch freezer racks. An alpha-numeric grid is hot stamped on the unit in clear, easy to read contrasting colors. The telescoping style lids are clear with frosted I.D. panels on two sides. Bases are available in natural, black, or assorted fluorescent colors.


This reversible rack comes with a simple-to-use removable hinged lid that snaps in place on either side of the rack. Rack and lid are molded out of autoclavable polypropylene. PCR® side of the rack has 168 wells that hold 0.2mL tubes. The wells will accommodate 8 or 12 tube strips or individual tubes. The opposite side of the rack has 40 wells that hold 0.5mL tubes. We have also placed 12 wells for 1.5mL tubes on both sides of the rack for your convenience. Available in natural or assorted colors (blue, green, purple, yellow, and orange). Packs of 5. PCR® is a registered trademark of Hoffman-LaRoche Inc.


CoolCaddy™ PCR Work Station

  • Maintains 2 to 4° C for up to 5 hours
  • Keeps samples cool, but not frozen
  • Accomodates several different vessel types:
    • Vials, Tubes, Strips, Plates & Reservoirs

Protect your enzymes, reagents and temperature sensitive samples with the new 5-hour CoolCaddy™.  No need for messy ice baths - simply store it overnight in any standard freezer and its ready to hold tubes, plates and reservoirs at 2 to 4° C for an entire morning or afternoon.  CoolCaddy™ is an ideal work station for PCR and especially for any protocol requiring multi-channel pipetting from a reservoir into strip tubes or 96 well plates.  And, if your work is interrupted, just place the whole CoolCaddy™ (complete with samples and reagents) back in the freezer or refrigerator until you are able to resume your experiment.

The CoolCaddy™ offers the highest level of enzyme protection and is essential for all protocols that call for more than 30 minutes of benchtop prep work.  Additionally, the proprietary refrigerant gel protects enzymes, samples and reagents from freezer fluctuations caused by power outages, open doors, and frost-free cycles.

1.5/2.0 mL Microtubes:    9 Tubes
2.0 mL Cryotubes:           8 Tubes
0.5 mL Microtubes:          5 Tubes
PCR Plates                   1 Plate
PCR Tubes:                     96 Tubes or 12 Strips
Reservoirs:                     1 x 50 mL Reservoir


Get organized with this fun, interlocked rack.
Rotate each of the four modules independently to configure for the tubes that you want to use.

    • Made from polypropylene
    • Suitable for a massive variety of culture, centrifuge, micro centrifuge, round, flat or conical bottomed tubes
    • Polypropylene rack maintains its orientation until you twist it again.
    • Two versions to cover smaller and larger tube requirements
    • Tubes: 15 mL  Wells: 6  Well Dia: 16.4 mm
    • Tubes: 1.5/2.0 mL  Wells: 9  Well Dia: 11.2 mm
    • Tubes: .5 mL  Wells: 12  Well Dia: 8 mm
    • Tubes: .2 mL  Wells: 32  Well Dia: 6.5 mm
    • Dimensions: 8.81 x 4.33 x 4.33 in (21 x 10 x 10 cm)
    • 1/pk
    • Color: purple, blue, green, yellow
    • Autoclavable


  • Maintains a sample temperature of less than 4ºC for almost 4 hours (with lid on rack) when used at room temperature.
  • Color-change materia enables you to see how cold your samples are at a glance.
  • IsoFreeze® color change racks undergo a dramatic change to a contrasting color at 7ºC.

IsoFreeze MCT (5630)

  • Dimensions: 146 × 105 × 70 mm.
  • Tube capacity: 24 x 0.5, 1.5, 2.0 mL snap or screw-cap style tubes.
  • Rack comes with lid.

IsoFreeze PCR & qPCR Racks (5640)

  • Tube and plate capacity:
    • qPCR: 64 x 0.1 mL Corbett Rotor-Gene tubes, 16 x 0.2 mL tubes or strips, and 4 x 0.5 mL tubes.
    • PCR: 96 x 0.1 and 0.2 mL tubes and strip tubes; plates up to 96-well.
  • Dimensions: 141 × 99 × 44 mm.

IsoFreeze PCR, SBS (5650)

  • SBS footprint for use with liquid handing equipment.
  • Accomodates 96-well PCR plates, strip tubes, or 0.2 mL tubes.
  • Rack does not come with lid.

Leave the Ice Buckets Behind!
IsoFreeze Color-Changing Racks take the guesswork out of sample preparation.

  • Maintain sample temperature below 4ºC for up to 3 hour (with lid on, at room temperature).
Innovative color-changing material indicates when rack is approaching 7ºC.
  • Available in two temperature ranges
  • These racks will provide consistent thermal protection for extended periods.
  • TFL-0 will Hold 0° Celsius for a minimum of 5 hours.
  • TFL-20 will hold between -10 and -20 ° Celsius for up to 3 hours
  • Made of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate
  • Both units are filled with a non-toxic gel, are stackable
  • Will accommodate up to 20 x 1.5/2.0ml micro or screw cap tubes, or 20 x 0.5ml tubes on the reverse side, flip side