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CoolCaddy PCR Work Station



CoolCaddy™ PCR Work Station

  • Maintains 2 to 4° C for up to 5 hours
  • Keeps samples cool, but not frozen
  • Accomodates several different vessel types:
    • Vials, Tubes, Strips, Plates & Reservoirs

Protect your enzymes, reagents and temperature sensitive samples with the new 5-hour CoolCaddy™.  No need for messy ice baths - simply store it overnight in any standard freezer and its ready to hold tubes, plates and reservoirs at 2 to 4° C for an entire morning or afternoon.  CoolCaddy™ is an ideal work station for PCR and especially for any protocol requiring multi-channel pipetting from a reservoir into strip tubes or 96 well plates.  And, if your work is interrupted, just place the whole CoolCaddy™ (complete with samples and reagents) back in the freezer or refrigerator until you are able to resume your experiment.

The CoolCaddy™ offers the highest level of enzyme protection and is essential for all protocols that call for more than 30 minutes of benchtop prep work.  Additionally, the proprietary refrigerant gel protects enzymes, samples and reagents from freezer fluctuations caused by power outages, open doors, and frost-free cycles.

1.5/2.0 mL Microtubes:    9 Tubes
2.0 mL Cryotubes:           8 Tubes
0.5 mL Microtubes:          5 Tubes
PCR Plates                   1 Plate
PCR Tubes:                     96 Tubes or 12 Strips
Reservoirs:                     1 x 50 mL Reservoir

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FRZ-PCR Vials, Tubes, Strips, Plates & Reservoirs Blue PCR Work Station 1 CoolCaddy
CoolCaddy PCR Work Station
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