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At MIDSCI, we carry a top of the line, cutting-edge, selection of lab rockers, lab shakers, and vortexers.


We stand by our lab shaker, lab rocker, and vortexer equipment as many carry multi-year warranties. 
Beyond just warranties, our selection of products carry numerous features sure to suit your applications and needs. 
For instance, if you require superior mixing action for gels and blots, then our single platform lab rocker is right for you. It’s made of industrial-duty components, maintains a set speed, and is cold-room safe. Not to mention, the degree of tilt is infinitely adjustable in a matter of seconds. 
If you’re shopping for a lab shaker, then perhaps the SCILOGEX SK-O330-Pro Digital Orbital Lab Shaker is what you need. It’s perfect for bioreactors and CO2 incubators and has a 100-500 RPM shaking speed range. 
And we have a full suite of benchtop vortexers and incubated vortexers for you to take a look at as well.


LabDoctor Vortex Mixer

PR1MA Vortex Mixer

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LabDoctor Mini Incubated Shaker

PR1MA Mini Incubated Shaker

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LabDoctor Orbi-Shaker (LG)

PR1MA Orbi-Shaker (LG)

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  • Shake and incubate samples simultaneously
  • Complete with platforms for tubes and plates
  • Intelligent control
  • Broad temperature and speed range

Designed for simultaneous heating and mixing of small samples, the VorTemp 56 features interchangeable platforms for microtubes and microplates. Both platforms are supplied with the unit. Temperature in the VorTemp 56 is adjustable over a broad range, making the unit useful for a variety of applications, including bacterial cultures in tubes and microplates. Mechanical convection provides a uniform and stable environment within the chamber. The VorTemp 56 may also be used in the cold room for subambient applications.

Shaking speed as well as acceleration rates are adjustable. Acceleration can be set to three different levels to protect delicate samples.

A microprocessor controls all parameters including temperature and timed operation. Self-diagnostic software continuously monitors the unit for proper temperature and shaking speed, alerting the user to any errors. Heating and shaking are controlled by feedback loops which precisely maintain chosen parameters, independent of load or voltage fluctuations.

The sturdy construction of the VorTemp 56 gives it stability during high speed shaking. The chamber is insulated to maintain temperature and reduce operating noise.


Product Specifications
Temperature range Ambient +5° to 100°C
Temperature accuracy ±0.5°C
Speed range 200 - 1500rpm
Motion/orbit Horizontally circular/3 mm
Capacity 56 x 1.5/2.0 ml tubes
Dimensions (W x D x H) 8.9 x 12.3 x 8.9 inches/22.5 x 12.3 x 22.5 cm
Weight 24.2 lb/11 kg
Electrical* 120V~, 60 Hz
*Other voltages available upon request


  • Compact, with low profile and small footprint
  • Pressure sensitive cup
  • Continuous or touch operation
  • Rubber suction pads prevent walking, absorb vibration
  • Low voltage supply for safe cold room use
  • 2 year warranty


300 to 6000 rpm/continuous or burst
Orbit 2 mm
Tube diameter (maximum) 20 mm
Ambient Operating Temperature Range +4°C to +45°C
Dimensions - inches
4.13" w x 5.9" d x 3.35 h
105 w x 150 d x 85 h
Input voltage 12 V
Input type dc
Input current 0.5 A
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  • Continuously variable speed for gentle mixing or vigorous vortexing
  • Optimized counter balance for minimal vibration
  • Touch or continuous operation
  • Multiple attachment options
  • 1 year warranty

Labnet's new variable speed Vortex Mixer VX-200 provides fast, efficient mixing with minimal vibration. The unit features a true circular orbit that allows for even distribution of vortexing across the entire speed range. The CombiCup™ head, supplied with the unit, accepts many different tube sizes. A full range of accessories is available to accommodate most common laboratory tubes and plates.

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