AutoMATE 96 Microplate Pipetting Workstation 

Spend more time on your research…AutoMATE your pipetting.
  • Fast and accurate 96-channel pipetting
  • Accepts 96/384 well microplates, PCR plates and reservoirs
  • Touch-screen tablet for programming & operation
  • 4-position motorized platform
  • Exchangeable pipette heads (1-20µL, 5-200µL, 100-1000µL)
The AutoMATE™ 96 from Accuris Instruments is a fully automated, high throughput liquid handling workstation that improves productivity when filling microplates. Capable of dispensing up to 96 channels simultaneously, the AutoMATE 96 significantly reduces the processing time and errors associated with manual pipetting.

The included tablet features an intuitive app for programming and operation. Unlike many 96-well pipetting stations, the AutoMATE 96 is “hands-free”, with motorized tip loading/ejection and a four position, automated, sliding platform that precisely aligns the tips with the appropriate microplate/reservoir. Once programmed, the instrument can run protocols to completion without any manual positioning or adjustment.

Three interchangeable heads allow for a pipetting range from 1.0µL to 1000µL.  The AutoMATE 96 is compact enough to fit onto a standard lab bench or into a biosafety cabinet.

Pipetting Modes:
Standard Pipetting: Aspirating and dispensing reagents by hand is labor-intensive and error prone. With the AutoMATE 96, reagents can be aspirated and dispensed automatically, ensuring accurate and precise transfer to and from microplates or reservoirs.

Multi-Dispensing (Repeat Pipetting): Continually filling microplates is a time-consuming process that can often result in hand fatigue. With the Multi-Dispensing function, repeatedly filling microplates can be automated and accomplished quickly without introducing hand strain or fatigue.

Secondary-Dispensing (Plate Filling): Many protocols and applications call for filling a plate with multiple samples or reagents. With the AutoMATE 96, multiple reagents can be aspirated and dispensed into the same microplate. For improved results, each dispense can be programmed to be include a mixing step.

Serial Dilutions: Performing serial dilutions via manual methods is labor-intensive and error prone. Errors in this process will amplify subsequent dilutions as the process continues. With the AutoMATE 96, serial dilutions can be performed automatically and error free.

Mixing:  Mixing reagents by hand is strenuous and can be inconsistent. With the AutoMATE 96, mixing can be performed automatically with adjustable speeds, ensuring consistency.

Reverse Pipetting: When the accuracy of pipetting volume is critical, the AutoMATE 96 can be set to reverse pipetting mode. This technique greatly improves accuracy &precision with small volumes of biological fluids.

Software and Programming: Two operating modes are available and can be selected per the user’s preference.

Manual Mode: Perform operations quickly & efficiently simply by selecting each function individually.

Manual functions:
  • Load tips
  • Eject tips
  • Aspirate reagents
  • Dispense reagents
  • Mix reagents
  • Blow out reagents

Automated Program Mode: Create a protocol made up of multiple steps in succession. This interface allows for complex protocols to be run from tip-loading through completion with the touch of a button.

Programmable steps:
  • Load/Eject Tips
  • Aspirate/Dispense reagents
  • Perform serial dilutions
  • Rinse tips
  • Repeat a cycle
  • Pause after a certain step

Broad Labware Compatibility: All brands of microplates and reservoirs meeting SLAS/ANSI formats are compatible for use with the AutoMATE 96. Included plate adapters allow 384 well microplates and PCR plates to be used.

Fully Automated Tip Loading and Ejection: Motorized tip loading and ejection provides handsfree, consistent tip loading throughout all 96 wells.

Display8-inch color touch screen tablet (included)
Aspirate/Dispense volume1-1000µl (depending on pipetting
Platform capacity4 (tip racks/plates/reservoirs)
Channels96 individual pistons
Pipetting technologyAir Displacement
Compatible plate formats96/384 well microplates, shallow/deep well plates, PCR plates
Communication PortsUSB Ports for importing/exporting
Voltage InputUniversal 120 to 240VAC, 50-60Hz
Weight32.6 kg / 71.8 lbs
Dimensions69.0 x 35.0 x 67.3 cm / 27.2 x 13.8 x 26.5 in.

Pipetting Head Specifications

 MP9600-20PH (1-20µL)MP9600-200PH (5-200µL)MP9600-1000PH (100-1000µL)
Accuracy≤12 % at 1μL≤5 % at 5μL≤2.5 % at 100μL
≤5 % at 2 μL≤2 % at 20μL≤0.4 % at 500μL
≤1 % at 10μL≤1 % at 100μL≤1 % at 1000μL
≤1 % at 20μL≤1 % at 200μL 
Precision≤120% at 1μL≤3.5 % at 5μL≤1.25 % at 100μL
≤5 % at 2 μL≤1.5 % at 20μL≤0.4 % at 500μL
≤1 % at 10μL≤0.8 % at 100μL≤0.4 % at 1000μL
≤0.8 % at 20μL≤0.4 % at 200μL 

Virtual demo available! Contact for more information.

Precision Series & Precision Plus Pipettors

Precision Series Pipettor Features

  • Intuitive—Pipettors should not be complicated to use. Walk up to the Precision Series Pipettor with one hand behind you back and begin using it. The control panel buttons and rotary knob can all be used without removing your hand from the handle, all with a few fingers. The display will show you what is happening.
  • Multichannel—96 individual air displacement channels assure the best accuracy and precision. Each instrument comes with a certificate of performance showing actual values achieved in all channels before shipment.
  • A 384 Plate Adaptor is available to quickly populate a 384 well tray. Simply rotate the knob in the front from the number 1 to number 2, then 3 and 4 to complete the 96 to 384 formatting. No need to touch the 384 plate during this process.
  • Three Stations accommodate most tasks, easily. The pipetting head self-centers itself over each station, there is no guess work required in aligning the tips with the well below.
  • Balanced Motion—Lowering the tips into a plate is effortless, it can be done with one finger, the same goes for lifting the head and moving horizontally to and from each station.
  • Portable — Only 20 pounds with handles and features to secure head motion for easy transportation to your desired workplace. Put it under a hood or bring to other lab areas and locations. There is no need to bring your work to the pipettor, rather bring the pipettor to your work.

Control with Options

Through the “menu” button on the front control panel:

  • Custom Mixing Program Option Just press the mix button and follow the prompts.
  • Program Option Create and store your most common applications. Use pauses, beeps, display messages, or change speeds on the fly.
  • Change Speeds For normal aspirate and dispensing through the control panel.

Two Year Warranty

Two years warranty covers parts and labor. All work is performed at the same location where the instrument is manufactured. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

Precision Plus Series Pipettor Features

  • For use with Universal Tips
  • 300 ul  volume capacity
  • Enhanced motor control for acceleration and deceleration
  • Six pipetting speeds and custom speed control settings
  • Ergonomic large comfortable handle grip
  • Improved programmability by adding extra commands and 4x memory
  • Compact, will easily fit into a fume hood
  • Lightweight, only 22 pounds
  • Two year warranty
  • LED Lighting- dimmable directly over pipette tips

Dispense & Aspirate

Easily move the pipette head with a light touch on the handle.

Tip Loading & Eject

Large over-molded handle provides a comfortable grip while picking up tips. Easily load a 96 rack of tips with minimal effort. Automatic motor powered tip eject.

Control Panel

Large embossed intuitive keypad buttons. Center knob rotates easily to dial in volumes and make menu selections.