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Every season MIDSCI features special savings and your favorite products at a fraction of the price! Check our quick shop plus for the current specials and save on your lab needs today!
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One Product for Spills

Amphomag® is now offered through MIDSCI®

  • Treats multiple spill hazards - no guesswork
  • Built in pH indicator - changes color when neutralized
  • Easy to use - no additional training required
  • Storage is simple

Available in variety of sizes. Order Amphomag® spill control and neutralizer today!

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Spill Control & Containment, 3 lbs, shaker



Spill Control & Containment, 50 lbs. bag



Spill Control & Containment, 50 lbs. tote


While supplies last, get your freezer rack filled with 81 place boxes!

Freezer racks

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Freezer racks with free boxes, 4 high x4 deep



Freezer racks with free boxes, 3 high x4 deep



Freezer racks with free boxes, 4 high x5 deep



Freezer racks with free boxes, 5 high x4 deep



Eco Freezer racks with free boxes, 4 high x4 deep



Eco Freezer racks with free boxes, 3 deep x4 high



Eco Freezer racks with free boxes, 4 high x5 deep



Eco Freezer racks with free boxes, 5 high x4 deep


HUGE Savings on TPP Centrifuge tubes WITH racks!!*

  • Racks are autoclavable and break down for flat storage
  • Freezing & boiling proof
  • Tubes and Caps are manufactured to withstand
  • Graduations all the way down to 0.5 ml
  • Perfect for long term storage and fast spins
  • Manufactured with the highest quality of virgin raw materials
  • No additives, slip agents, biocides or plasticizers are utilized in the manufacturing process
  • White writing surface for easy labeling On top of a cap-promotes easy identification of tubes in rack
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TPP Racked 50 mL conical, 20/rk, 10rks/cs



Avant® Microcentrifuge Tubes

The Choice is Clear!

  • Ultra-clear - easily see difficult samples
  • Ultra-pure - free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA and PCR inhibitors
  • Easy to open & close, with a safe secure seal!

Standard Microcentrifuge Tubes

  • Solidly constructed for high-speed centrifuge
  • Rated to 20,000 x G
  • Easy-to-read graduations at every 100 uL
  • Writing area
  • Temperature range: -90°C to +121°C
  • Autoclavable
Item Number Description Max Fill Qty Promo List


0.5 mL small-cap, boilproof, clear

0.65 mL




0.5 mL small-cap, boilproof, clear, sterile

0.65 mL




1.5 mL small-cap, boilproof, clear, CASE

1.7 mL

500pk: 10pks/cs



1.5 mL large-cap, boil-resistant, clear

1.7 mL




1.5 mL large-cap, boil-resistant, clear, sterile

1.7 mL



Tissue Culture Start-up bundle contains:

  • TP90076, TP92006, TP99003, TP94005, TP94010, TP89020, SB2CC-81, HS23230A, MPIP-1, MB2000-4, 70ICS, USFBS
  • Filtered T75s, 6 well plate, 30 cm scraper, 5 and 10 mL serologicals, cryo tubes, freezer box, chilling jar, MIDSCI pipet aid, small water bath, cell strainers, US Origin FBS
  • Start your experiments right with the highest quality tissue culture products. This start-up includes essentials for tissue culture-- from the flasks and serologicals to the cryotubes and FBS--MIDSCI has covered!
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Tissue Culture Start-up Bundle


PCR Start-up bundle contains:

  • AVT-F, AVST, AVSTC-N, G234, ECO-TAQ1, DL5, BE-GCA500, BE-4500-PS, E1101, IB70160, AV200-H, LDL-48, SBPCR-196, MLX-10
  • 0.2 ml individual tubes, 0.2 ml strip tubes, Easyscript kit, ECOTAQ master mix, 1 kb lader, agarose, DNA safe stain, casting and running tray, TAE buffer powder, filter 200ul tips, dynacycler, freezer box, mini microcentrifuge for PCR
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PCR Start-up Bundle


Western Blot start-up bundle contains:

  • Running and casting system, cold block for transferring, pre-cast gels, blot boxes, rocker, protein loading dye, instablue stain, ECLs, film, cassettes, gel loading tips
  • NXE00002, NXE00014, NXE00015, NXE00017, BCG42012, WBB7, R2D-30, IB01190, ISB1L, NEL103E001EA, BX810, CPB810, MPT1000F

Equipment Bundle:

  • Simplify your process, prevent cross contamination, and save time! Ask us how with the equipment Western bundle!
  • Additional bundle with bullet blender and celvin, blot bot: part-number: CLV160, FRB120, BBY24M
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Western Blotting Bundle



Equipment for western blotting to simplify your process


NEW Robust Plus extended length gloves from MIDSCI!!

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Robot Plus Extended Cuff Glove, 12" length



5 free boxes with every 15 purchased!