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Premium TPP Tissue Culture Flasks with Vented Caps

Innovative features and outstanding cell growth properties make the TPP Tissue Culture Flasks the ideal choice for adherent cell culture in academia and industry.

  • Cell growth surface
    • Uniform flat growth surface promotes cell growth without clumping
    • Growth area is opto-mechanically treated to promote cell adhesion and growth
  • Lifted base
    • Stable, slip-free stacking of multiple TPP flasks
    • Allows for air flow between flasks to prevent condensation buildup
      • Resulting in uniform temperature and CO2 distribution
  • Crystal clear transparency for great microscopy images!
  • Geometry of the neck reduces risk of media slop over
  • Geometry of the neck guarantees total access of TPP pipettes, TPP scrappers and the TPP spatula. No dead corners = 100% cell retrieval.
  • White and accurate Vol graduations for optic control of the filling Vol.
  • Highly visible bilateral marking area
  • Vented cap settings for "on" at 12 o'clock position and "off" at 3 o'clock position.

Additional Advantages

Flasks are available in either filter cap or vented cap:

The TPP Click

1. A click and the <> screw cap is in the <> aeration-position.
Visual control: the slightly raised rectangle is at 12 o'clock.
2. Turn <> screw cap clockwise 90° to close the flask gas-tight closed.
Visual control: the slightly raised rectangle is at 3 o'clock.

Filter Membrane in Filter Screw Cap
The filter screw caps feature a hydrophobic PTFE membrane with a pore size of 0.22 µm. This offers protection - as the hydrophobic characteristics repel any fluid - with optimal gas exchange at the same time.

Quality Assurance:

  • Made from optically clear polystyrene for excellent viewing
  • Sterile, packaged in gamma irradiated, sterile sleeves
  • Certified DNAse/RNAse, nucleic acid, and pyrogen-free

Item #DescriptionCap StyleQuantity
TP9002525 cm² TC FlaskVented360/cs
TP9002625 cm² TC FlaskFiltered360/cs
TP9007575 cm² TC FlaskVented100/cs
TP9007675 cm² TC FlaskFiltered100/cs
TP90150150 cm² TC FlaskVented36/cs
TP90151150 cm² TC FlaskFiltered36/cs
TP90300300 cm² TC FlaskVented18/cs
TP90301300 cm² TC FlaskFiltered18/cs
In Stock and Available!


TPP Filtermax Filtration Units


Rapid Filtermax in bottle-filter combo or filter alone beats the competition in speed of filtration and ergonomic design. The overall quadratic shape not only provides a sturdier design and saves refrigerator space with its square bottom, but also houses the premium 0.2µm PES membrane in a larger size.


Key Features

  • Large quadratic filter surface of 49 cm2 (250mL filter) and 69 cm2 (500mL filter) is 20% larger than similar Vol units with circular membranes
  • Premium PES (Polyether sulfone) filter membrane, pore size of 0.22 µm
  • High flow rate
  • Low protein binding, excellent chemical resistance
  • Secure footprint: unlike round filters, TPP square filters are more stable when filtering and less likely to tip over
  • 45mm neck thread on the filter
    • Filter tops can fit bottles with 45 mm neck thread
  • Quadratic form stores media more efficiently with less wasted space than circular bottles


Additional User-Friendly Advantages

  • The tapered form at the neck enables large and small hands a firm and slip-free grip of the rapid-Filtermax system - even when wearing rubber gloves
  • One separate packed screw cap and adapter for the vacuum connection hose with an inside diameter of Ø 6 - 10 mm (2.36 - 3.94 inch) is supplied with each system
  • Full buyer’s flexibility: choice of a filter set, top only, or flask only, all provided with a 45mm screw thread.


Quality Assurance

  • Gamma-sterilized, DNAse/RNAse-Free, and pyrogen-Free
  • Individually wrapped in a peel-off plastic wrapper
  • Screw cap & vacuum accessories included in each sterile package 

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TP99150150 mL Rapid-Filtermax Bottle Filter System, PES, 0.22 µm Membrane1/pk, 18pks/cs
TP99157150 mL Reservoir Bottle Only1/pk, 24pks/cs
TP99250250 mL Rapid-Filtermax Bottle Filter System, PES, 0.22 µm Membrane1/pk, 12pks/cs
TP99257250 mL Reservoir Bottle Only1/pk, 24pks/cs
TP99500500 mL Rapid-Filtermax Bottle Filter System, PES, 0.22 µm Membrane1/pk, 10pks/cs
TP99505500 mL Rapid-Filtermax Bottle (Filter Bottle Only), PES, 0.22 µm Membrane1/pk, 21pks/cs
TP99507500 mL Reservoir Bottle Only1/pk, 36pks/cs
TP999501000 mL Rapid-Filtermax Bottle Filter System, PES, 0.22 µm Membrane1/pk, 9pks/cs
TP999551000 mL Rapid-Filtermax Bottle (Filter Bottle Only), PES, 0.22 µm Membrane1/pk, 12pks/cs
TP999571000 mL Reservoir Bottle Only1/pk, 20pks/cs