Facscope B Automatic Cell Counter

The Facscope B is an automatic cell counter that uses an automated brightfield microscope, disposable hemocytometer slides, and trypan blue dye.  Cell counts are obtained with the push of a button and are reliable and repeatable.  Each disposable hemocytometer slide has 4 chambers and is compatible with standard microscopes.  The system and slides are competitively price and offer advance performance. 

Curiosis Automatic Cell Counter Facscope B

  • Image Capturing System
    • Detection level of brightness is not affected by image variation
    • Reduces human error and increases repeatability by auto-focusing
  • Analyzing algorithm
    • Improves detection of difficult to observe cell shapes
    • Viability is determined by accurately distinguishing dead and living cells.
  • User-centered operation
    • Preset can be set for individual cell types
    • Determine desired cell size through gating parameter
    • Manage data individually or by group by creating multiple user groups

Additional handy tools

  • Multi USB ports enable exporting PDF reports, CSV file, and use of a thermal printer
  • Assign a channel ID with a barcode scanner and a Keypad
  • Up to 4-channel slide counting available at a time.

Curio C-Slide

A precision disposable plastic hemocytometer, developed to solve the problems of conventional glass hemocytometers.


  • Measuring cell concentration and viability
  • Counting for Erythrocyte, Leukocyte, Mammalian cell, etc.

Curiosis Curio C-Slide Disposable Hemocytometer

  • Increases efficiency by eliminating the need for washing or autoclaving components
  • 4 Cell counting chambers per slide
  • Imprinted Neubauer Grid pattern and plasma treated surface
  • Consistent 100 µm depth of Curio C-Slide gives exact counting volume to estimate high accuracy of counting results
  • Easy to use design eliminates the use of coverslips and allows for exact volume control, simply pipette into the chamber port
  • Reliable and repeatable results are obtained using a standard microscope after one to three minutes have elapsed.
  • Reduces the user's risk of exposure to infectious or hazardous samples
  • Slide is resistant to surface scratches or cracks

Grid types



Neubauer Improved

100 µm

Fuchs Rosenthal

200 µm

Burker Turk

100 µm

Semen Test

200 µm

Curio C-Slide's engraved pattern is the most popular grid pattern, Neubauer Improved (NI) (around 90%)