Facscope B Automatic Cell Counter

The Facscope B is an automatic cell counter that uses an automated brightfield microscope, disposable hemocytometer slides, and trypan blue dye.  Cell counts are obtained with the push of a button and are reliable and repeatable.  Each disposable hemocytometer slide has 4 chambers and is compatible with standard microscopes.  The system and slides are competitively price and offer advance performance. 

Curiosis Automatic Cell Counter Facscope B

  • Image Capturing System
    • Detection level of brightness is not affected by image variation
    • Reduces human error and increases repeatability by auto-focusing
  • Analyzing algorithm
    • Improves detection of difficult to observe cell shapes
    • Viability is determined by accurately distinguishing dead and living cells.
  • User-centered operation
    • Preset can be set for individual cell types
    • Determine desired cell size through gating parameter
    • Manage data individually or by group by creating multiple user groups

Additional handy tools

  • Multi USB ports enable exporting PDF reports, CSV file, and use of a thermal printer
  • Assign a channel ID with a barcode scanner and a Keypad
  • Up to 4-channel slide counting available at a time.

Curio C-Slide

A precision disposable plastic hemocytometer, developed to solve the problems of conventional glass hemocytometers.


  • Measuring cell concentration and viability
  • Counting for Erythrocyte, Leukocyte, Mammalian cell, etc.

Curiosis Curio C-Slide Disposable Hemocytometer

  • Increases efficiency by eliminating the need for washing or autoclaving components
  • 4 Cell counting chambers per slide
  • Imprinted Neubauer Grid pattern and plasma treated surface
  • Consistent 100 µm depth of Curio C-Slide gives exact counting volume to estimate high accuracy of counting results
  • Easy to use design eliminates the use of coverslips and allows for exact volume control, simply pipette into the chamber port
  • Reliable and repeatable results are obtained using a standard microscope after one to three minutes have elapsed.
  • Reduces the user's risk of exposure to infectious or hazardous samples
  • Slide is resistant to surface scratches or cracks

Grid types



Neubauer Improved

100 µm

Fuchs Rosenthal

200 µm

Burker Turk

100 µm

Semen Test

200 µm

Curio C-Slide's engraved pattern is the most popular grid pattern, Neubauer Improved (NI) (around 90%)

Accuris QuadCount™ Automated Cell Counter

  • Fast, accurate and reproducible results
  • Intuitive software and touch-screen interface
  • Convenient and cost-effective QuadSlides™
  • Count sample volumes up to 3.6 μL

The Accuris QuadCount™ improves on the simple technique of brightfield microscopy by utilizing an LED light source, precision optics and a high resolution CMOS detector.  A finely tuned, motorized XYZ positioning stage provides for extra fine focusing and ability to capture multiple images. 

With count speeds at fast as 20 seconds per sample, the Accuris QuadCount provides many advantages over the tedious and time consuming manual hemocytometry method.  The advanced software eliminates human bias in dead/live determinations, reduces counting errors, saves time, and improves efficiency. 

The QuadCount utilizes a unique 4-chambered disposable QuadSlide™.  Four samples can be processed in one slide (twice the capacity of standard 2-chambered slides), decreasing consumable costs.  Each chamber has a hydrophilic inner surface with an engraved grid pattern.  High precision production and molding ensure that each QuadSlide meets the rigorous standards and dimensional tolerances required for optimal counting performance. 

3 Count Modes Available to analyze different sample volumes. 
  • Quick Mode: 0.15uL / 20 seconds (1 image frame) 
  • Normal Mode: 0.9 uL / 30 seconds (6 image frames) 
  • Precise Mode: 3.6 uL/ 100 seconds  (24 image frames) 
The QuadCount’s ability to analyze larger sample volumes/multiple images provides significantly better accuracy. 

Advanced Optics and Imaging Technology 
The Accuris QuadCount incorporates the highest quality optical and electronic components, such as a 4X objective lens and 5MP CMOS detector, to ensure reliable performance and consistent results. 
The precision motorized stage adjusts the position of the lens and sensor assembly in micron increments for automatic focus.  Multiple image frames (up to 24) can be captured to increase the volume of sample counted, providing a higher level of accuracy. 

Correct focus is crucial for accurate counts of viable cells.  The QuadCount’s proprietary autofocus system and image analysis software work in conjunction with the motorized stage to analyze and capture images in the proper focal plane. 

Advanced Algorithms 
Advanced detection algorithms easily manage irregularly shaped and aggregated cells.  Often misinterpreted by visual counting, correct analysis of these cells is performed by QuadCount’s software, resulting in more accurate counts.  User to user variation is eliminated. 

Intuitive User Interface 
After images are captures, the cell count parameters are easily adjusted. 
  • Gating size range
  •  Aggregation level
  •  Live/dead definition

Cell population statistics are viewed as a histogram and cell size gating can be adjusted.  Choose to view the histogram data for individual or multiple chambers in each QuadSlide. 



High quality 4x objective lens

Image Detection

5 mega pixel CMOS sensor


Green LED (50,000 hour life)

Sample Volume

20 μL (4 samples per QuadSlide)

Max. Counting Volume

3.6 μL (24 image captures)

Consumable Slide

QuadSlide, 4-chamber

Counting Modes/Speeds

Quick (20 sec)
Normal (30 sec)
Precise (100 sec)

Dynamic Range

1 x 104 to 1 x 107 cells per mL

Cell Size Range

5 to 60 μm


6.4 x 11.5 x 8.5 inches / 16.3 x 29.3 x 21.6 cm


11 Lbs


115 V, 50-60 Hz