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Tissue Culture Tiny Flask, 10cm2 growth surface


Innovative features and outstanding cell growth properties make the TPP Tissue Culture 10cm² tiny flask (also known as T10 Flat Tube) the ideal choice for cell stock startup & sampling in academia and industry.

Culture, Visualize and Centrifuge in a single tube

Key Features:

  • Multifunctional: cultivation, incubation, examination under microscopy, and centrifugation all is one tube!
  • 10 cm2 Cell growth surface
    • Treated only on growth surface to promote cell attachment and propagation
    • Outstanding flatness of surface promotes uniform cell growth without clumping
    • Optical clarity allows for great microscopy imaging!
      • Sloped and flattened upper side results in reduced refraction when taking images
  • Large opening for complete access of pipettes and scrapers
  • Conical Bottom
    • Aids pelleting during centrifugation
    • Spin and culture in the same tube in a 50 mL rotor!
    • Spin up to 1,200 x g
  • Kick Stand
    • Secure placement on microscope stage for observation
    • Stable use in tissue culture hood or CO2 incubator

Ergonomic Features:

  • Eliminates contamination risk associated with additional transfer steps
  • White graduations for accurate media measurements.
  • White marking areas for easy labeling
  • Filtered cap with 0.22µm PTFE hydrophobic membrane prevents media accumulation and contamination risks
  • Full access to growth surface via TPP cell scrapers or TPP serological pipettes

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10cm² TC Flask, conical



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Tissue Culture Tiny Flask, 10cm2 growth surface
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