TPP Tissue Culture Tubes
 Features of the unique tissue culture flat tube 10:

  • Multifunctional: cultivation, incubation, examination under microscopy, centrifugation...
  • Conical shape of the tube eases the removal of the pellet
  • 10 cm2 surface activated growth area with new surface quality resulting in crystal clear transparency
  • Large opening for complete access of pipettes and scrappers
  • Great clarity for visual control with inverse microscopes
  • Sloped and flattened upper side results in reduced refraction
  • Centrifugation in a 50 mL standard adapter at 1200 g
  • Segmental packaging of 4 protects the individual tubes of scratches during transportation and handling
  • Bag slits with laser perforation for easy opening mechanism

The corresponding TPP tissue culture rack fits 8 x tubes in a horizontal position for storage in a CO2 incubator.

of the tissue culture tube 20:

  • 20 cm2 surface activated growth area
  • Growth area over a length of  50 mm
  • Volume graduations up to the tip
  • Specially formed 10-sided comb from «VENT» screw cap with “Click” avoids inadvertent rolling and enables regaining previous positions
  • A click to the lock position and the «VENT» screw cap is in the aeration position, which guarantees constant air flow even when the tube is in vertical position.
  • Fits a 15 mL standard tube adapter, can be spun up to 1'200 g
  • Convenient re-closable zipper bag with laser perforation


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