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Drosophila Vials - Polystyrene


Drosophila Vials


Drosophila vials are a safe and cost-effective alternative to glass vials and are available in premium-grade polystyrene, polypropylene, and K-Resin.


  • The glass-like polystyrene polypropylene and K-Resin are easy to observe samples and effectively improve research efficiency.
  • The polypropylene is autoclavable and can be reused.
  • There are two types of vials: narrow and wide. Both are available in bulk or tray packaging.

Polystyrene Drosophila Vials

Polystyrene drosophila vials are highly transparent and are conducive to sunlight exposure. It is suitable for experiments that require precise lighting and is convenient for observing and preserving samples. Lightweight and cost-effective.
Tray packs are great for quick, effortless filling of vials

  • Made of premium grade polystyrene and lightweight
  • Polystyrene: highly transparent and conducive to sunlight exposure, easy to observe and store, cost-effective
  • Glass-like clarity for sample observation
  • Disposable vials are safe and cost-effective alternatives to glass vials
  • Available in bulk or tray packing


SKU Number Type Material Size Pkg Qty Price Quantity Add to Cart
DRK-51-0500 Narrow Vials PS 25x95mm Bulk 25 Vials/bg, 20 bgs/cs
DRK-51-0501 Narrow Vials Combo PS 25x95mm Tray 100 Vials/pk, 5 pks/cs
DRK-51-0800 Wide Vials PS 28.5x95mm Bulk 25 Vials/bg, 20 bgs/cs
DRK-51-0801 Wide Vials Combo PS 28.5x95mm Tray 100 Vials/pk, 5 pks/cs
Droso Vials-PS
Drosophila Vials - Polystyrene
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