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Drosophila Vials - Polypropylene


Drosophila Vials


Drosophila vials are a safe and cost-effective alternative to glass vials and are available in premium-grade polystyrene, polypropylene, and K-Resin.

  • The glass-like polystyrene polypropylene and K-Resin are easy to observe samples and effectively improve research efficiency.
  • The polypropylene is autoclavable and can be reused.
  • There are two types of vials: narrow and wide. Both are available in bulk or tray packaging.


Polypropolyne Drosophila Vials

Polypropylene drosophila vials are corrosion-resistant, fully autoclavable (121°C, 15psi, 15min), and can be reused. The material is hard, durable, and suitable for drosophila growth and development in most situations.


  • Made of Premium-grade polypropylene
  • Polypropylene: firm, clear, flexible, corrosion resistant, and fully autoclavable (121°C, 15psi, 15min)
  • Durable and suitable for drosophila growth and development in most situations
  • Disposable vials are safe and cost-effective alternatives to glass vials
  • Available in bulk or tray packing
  • Tray packs are great for quick, effortless filling of vials


SKU Number Type Material Size Pkg Qty Price Quantity Add to Cart
DRK-51-0510 Narrow Vials PP 25x95mm Bulk 25 Vials/bg, 20 bgs/cs
DRK-51-0511 Narrow Vials Combo PP 25x95mm Tray 100 Vials/pk, 5 pks/cs
DRK-51-0810 Wide Vials PP 28.5x95mm Bulk 25 Vials/bg, 20 bgs/cs
DRK-51-0811 Wide Vials Combo PP 28.5x95mm Tray 100 Vials/pk, 5 pks/cs
Droso Vials - PP
Drosophila Vials - Polypropylene
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