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COVID-19 genesig® Real Time PCR assay

Item #: ASCODVID19 
COVID-19 genesig® Real Time PCR assay | 96 Tests
  • Lyophilized components to ship without cold chain
  • Highly specific detection profile and high priming efficiency
  • Rapid detection of COVID-19 and does not detect other related coronavirus strains

Design of our COVID-19 was an intricate process using a dedicated team of expert bioinformaticians. Finding the right sequence is critical for not only assay specificity, but also sensitivity which can be inhibited by primer-dimer formation. These ultimately reduce the assay's ability to detect SARS-CoV-2 accurately. However, the right design will mitigate these risks and ensure a specific, sensitive and accurate test, as we have done.

Our surveillance program is in place to track the mutation of the virus. Our expert bioinformaticians analyze daily published virus sequences to ensure our test maintains a 100% detection profile. Each new mutation presents a risk to any COVID-19 kit detection and false negatives without surveillance programs in place. As of the 17th July 2020 our COVID-19 test has a 100% detection profile with the 42,655 full length, good quality SARS-CoV-2 sequences published on the GISAID-EpiCoV database.

Ensuring your COVID-19 test is stable during transit and storage is vital to prevent reagent degradation. Within our COVID-19 genesig® Real Time PCR assay we provide oasig components that are provided freeze dried which stabilizes the active components. This enables the reagents to be shipped at ambient temperature. This simplifies the logistics of shipping and is cost effective. If you're in a sophisticated laboratory or a mobile field hospital we can supply complete qPCR packages to your door quickly and cheaply via standard shipping methods without the need for dry ice or a cold chain of any sort.

The COVID-19 genesig® Real Time PCR assay was granted Emergency Use Authorization Only by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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COVID-19 genesig® Real Time PCR assay
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