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PR1MA 2XYT Broth, Capsules

PR1MA Growth Media

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PR1MA 2XYT Broth, Capsules

CAS Number: 91079-40-2; 8013-01-2; 7647-14-5
Solubility: Water
Storage Temperature: Room Temperature

Nutritionally enriched medium for the growth of recombinant strains of E. Coli and in the preparation and transformation of competent cells.

2XYT Broth packaged in convenient ready to use capsules. Each capsule contains 15.5 g 2XYT Broth.

Simply add 2 capsules to one liter distilled water and heat until completely dissolved. Sterilize by autoclaving at 121°C for 15 minutes. Final pH at 25°C: 6.8-7.2.


  • Digest Peptone: 16 g/l
  • Yeast Extract: 10 g/l
  • Sodium Chloride:5 g/l

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

  • Appearance: Capsule (Cream to beige free flowing powder)
  • DCM Appearance: Capsule (Homogeneous, free flowing, beige)
  • PPM Appearance: Capsule (Clear, no to light ppt, yellow)
  • pH (3.1 % Solution @25 oC): 6.8 - 7.2
  • Microorganism (E. coli ATCC 23724): Good to Excellent
  • Microorganism (E. coli ATCC 33694): Good to Excellent
  • Microorganism (E. coli ATCC 33849): Good to Excellent
  • Microorganism (E. coli ATCC 39403): Good to Excellent
  • Microorganism (E. coli ATCC 47014): Good to Excellent
  • Microorganism (E. coli ATCC 53868): Good to Excellent
  • Casein Peptone: 16.0 g/L
  • Yeast Extract: 10.0 g/L
  • Sodium Chloride: 5.0 g/l
  • Description: Add 2 capsules 2XYT broth in 1 liter purified water until evenly dispersed. Boil for 1 minute with stirring to completely dissolve. Distribute and autoclave at 121oC for 15 minutes.


2XYT Broth, Capsules
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KCX15640-1000.0 2XYT Broth, Capsules 64 Capsules
KCX15640-500.0 2XYT Broth, Capsules 32 Capsules
KCX15640-5000.0 2XYT Broth, Capsules 320 Capsules
PR1MA Growth Media
PR1MA 2XYT Broth, Capsules
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