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Return Policy

Q. How do I return a product?
A. Before returning any item, call 800-227-9997 to obtain a Return Authorization Number and be sure to write this number on all shipping labels and correspondence about this shipment. Do not write on cartons. Returns made without a Return Authorization Number will be returned collect to the sender.

Q. Is there a time limit on returns?
A. Returns must be made within 30 days of issuance of the Return Authorization Number. We require that you pre-pay shipping costs; CODs will not be accepted. Credit cannot be provided without a Return Authorization Number.

Q. Which products are returnable?
A. MIDSCI will provide full credit for the following:
products not supplied in accordance with your orders;
products that are defective at the time you receive them.

Returns not acceptable for credit include:
discontinued products;
products that have been personalized or customized; items supplied to the customer as an accommodation, including without limitation, third-party purchases;
items not purchased from MIDSCI;
refrigerated or temperature-controlled products;products that are outdated, shelf-worn, or used and therefore unsuitable for return to stock and resale as new;reagents, diagnostics, or chemicals that have been opened;
broken thermometers or any materials containing free mercury. (Note: MIDSCI cannot arrange for the treatment or disposal of mercury.)