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PR1MA™ Mini Incubated Shaker 

  • Redesigned to accept two 1 L Flasks
  • Increased temperature control up to 70°C 
  • Instant clamp exchange with MAGic Clamp system
  • Only 11 inches wide
  • 2 year warranty


The PR1MA™ Mini Incubated Shaker is the most compact shaking incubator in its class. Despite the remarkably small footprint, a large 11.5 x 9.5 inch work space accepts several platforms for use with a variety of vessels.


The standard platform (included) features a non-slip rubber-coated surface ideal for TC flasks, petri dishes, and staining trays.

The convenient MAGic CLAMP™ Platform is also available for use with Erlenmeyer flasks and test tube racks. The unique, magnetic attachment method is the easiest way to instantly change between flask clamps of different sizes.



Temp. RangeAmbient + 5°C to 70°C
(0.1°C increments)
Temp. Uniformity±0.25%
Temp. Accuracy±0.1%
Shaking Speed Range30-300 rpm
Shaking Orbit19 mm
Platform Dimensions 9.5 x 11.5 inch
Exterior Dimensions: (WxDxH)11 x 15.7 x 10.5  in.
(height 25 in. with lid open)
Weight25 lbs
Electrical115V (230V available)
Warranty2 year

IS-300 Platforms and Accessories

IS-PLATUniversal MAGic Platform for IS-300
IS-125125 Flask Clamp (max. 12)
IS-250250 Flask Clamp (max. 8)
IS-500500 Flask Clamp (max. 5)
IS-P125Dedicated Platform with 12 x 125 mL Flask Clamps
IS-P250Dedicated Platform with 8 x 250 mL Flask Clamps
IS-P500Dedicated Platform with 5 x 500 mL Flask Clamps
IS-1550Tube Rack, holds 30 x 15ml tubes and 20 x 50ml tubes
IS-PMPDedicated Platform for 4 Microplates





PR1MA™ Mini Digital Incubator

  • Digital temperature control
  • Personal sized, 13 x 14.5″ footprint (20 L)
  • Accepts bottles and flasks up to 2 L
  • Internal outlet, for installation of shaker, rockers, etc.


With digital temperature control, the PR1MA™ Digital Refrigerated Incubator provides a convenient “set and walk away” operation, eliminating the need for external thermometers and repetitive “fine-tuning” of an analog control knob. Simply choose the desired temperature and the incubator immediately begins to heat up while accurately monitoring the chamber temperature and conveniently displaying the temperature in real-time on the large LED control panel.


Despite a modest footprint of 14.5 x 13″, the incubator features a large internal chamber, capable of storing flasks and bottles up to 2 Liters. In addition, the incubator includes two adjustable shelves and an internal outlet for powering small shakers, rockers, and other instrumentation. A mini nutating rocker (H3D1020) supplied with both flat and dimpled mats is available for the agitation of samples during incubation.


Temp. Range5°C above ambient to 60°C
Temp. Accuracy0.5°C (at 37°C)
Temp. Uniformity± 1.5°C (at 37°C)
Temperature Increment1°C
Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H)13.2 x 14.5 x 18.7 in | 33.5 x 37 x 47.5 cm
Interior Dimensions (W x D x H)10.3 x 9.3 x 12.8 in | 26 x 23.5 x 32.5 cm
Platform Dimensions (H3D1020)9.5 x 11.5 in | 23.5 x 29 cm
Operating Temp. Range (H3D1020)+4°C to +65°C
Capacity20 L | 0.75 ft³
Weight15 lbs | 6.5 kg
Electrical100 to 240V, 50-60 Hz
Warranty2 Years 

Item #Description
IN20-HPR1MA™ Digital Incubator, Heat only (Ambient +1° to 60°C) 20 L, 100-240V
IN20-HCPR1MA™ Digital Incubator, Heat + Cool (Ambient -15° to 60°C) 20 L, 100-240V
H2200-SHExtra Shelf 10.5 x 8 in. for IN20-H or IN20-HC
H3D1020Mini Nutating Rocker w/flat cord, 8 x 6 in. Platform, 115V


PR1MA  Water, Molecular Biology Grade, DNase and RNase Free

CAS Number: 7732-18-5
Molecular Weight: 18.0
Chemical Formula: H2O
Storage Temperature: Room Temperature

Certified RNase and DNase free for use in molecular biology applications. Ideal for making reagents, rinsing glass and plastic ware, enzymatic reactions and more. Toxic agents such as DEPC are not used in purification procedures.

  • Endotoxin Free
  • RNase Free
  • DNase Free

*Tested to < 0.001 EU/ML

Meets or exceeds CAP/CLSI specifications for Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water (CLRW) and USP/NF Purified Water.

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

  • Appearance: Clear and Colorless Solution
  • Bioburden : No Growth
  • DNase: No Visible Degradation
  • Protease: No Visible Degradation
  • RNase: No Visible Degradation
  • Country of Origin: USA

PR1MA™ Standard Petri Dishes


PR1MA™ Standard Petri Dishes feature stackable lids for increased stability, flared lid skirts and squared corners for one-hand operation. Growth area 21cm2. Working volume 7-8 mL. 

  • Stronger, heavier construction
  • Surface is hydrophobic and does not facilitate cell attachment
  • Available in four diameters: 35, 60, 100 and 150 mm
  • 35 mm dish has an off-set bottom for improved handling
  • Lids contain molded spacers for gas exchange
  • Stackable lid design for increased stability
  • Packaged sterile (gamma irradiated)
  • Petri Dishes are manufactured in high-capacity automated production lines resulting in high-quality, value-priced products
  • Ventilation ribs reduce condensation and allow air circulation
  • Consistent flatness allows for even media distribution
  • Stackable – Lids contain stacking rings for increased stability
  • Stackable/Slideable – Features partial edge ring on the base which allows a single dish to be slid from a large stack and enhances stability when stacked
  • Slippable – Designed for automated filling and streaking systems, features side arrows and ISO Mark Target for automation



DuoClick™ Two Position Screw-Cap Culture Tubes

  • New patent pending screw-cap!
  • Aerobic culturing at first click
  • Anaerobic after second click
  • Printed graduations
  • Flat, markable screw-cap

DuoClick™ tubes feature a unique, patent pending screw closure system. DuoClick™ tubes completely eliminate the excess force, splashing and general frustration of traditional snap-cap culture tubes. The advanced cap design includes two distinct positions for aerobic and anaerobic culturing. Just rotate the cap 1/4 turn to the first click to secure the cap in the aerobic position. Or, rotate it another 1/2 turn past the second click for a leakproof, airtight seal for anaerobic culturing.

DuoClick™ tubes are available gamma sterilized, with screw caps attached, and in our exclusive ready-to- use rack packaging. Polypropylene tubes can be centrifuged at up to 4,000 x g.


BioClave™ Research Autoclaves

  • Designed specifically for the sterilization of laboratory research tools
  • Fully automatic operation – just press start
  • Internal memory for retrieving cycle data 
  • Built in water tank - no external connection needed
  • 8 L, 16 L and 28 L models - all models small enough for benchtop use


Despite the space-saving exterior dimensions of the Bioclaves, the stainless steel chambers are surprisingly large, accommodating a variety of liquids, media, instruments, glassware, plasticware, and other common research laboratory items. Available in 8L, 18L, and 28L chamber volumes, these benchtop models include a mechanical and electrical safety interlock that prevents the door from being opened until the pressure has reached zero PSI.

With a large digital LCD display and fully automatic operation, all segments of the cycle (fill, sterilize, exhaust, and dry) commence and run to completion by simply pressing the start button. An optional thermal mini-printer is also available for providing a record of sterilization parameters and a USB drive can be used to record settings and transfer them to a PC.

The 8-liter BioClave Mini is preprogrammed to meet basic sterilization needs. Temperature can be selected at either 121°C or 134°C, and the sterilization time is fully adjustable. The economical BioClave Mini is the ideal choice wherever benchtop sterilization is required and space is limited.

BioClave 18L and 28L Models offer preset cycle options (standard programs), for use with liquids, wrapped research instruments, or unwrapped instruments/plasticware. An additional option “Dry Only” is also available for additional drying time to be added to the end of a cycle. For special applications, requiring variations in cycle parameters, all settings are fully adjustable.

The Bioclave 28L features an increased chamber size with a diameter of 32cm. With this larger internal chamber, the BioClave 28 is our only model capable of sterilizing 1 and 2 liters flasks (and bottles). Despite the increased chamber size, the unit is still relatively compact, suitable for benchtop use.



PR1MA Yeast Extract, Powder

CAS Number: 8013-01-2
Solubility: Water
Storage Temperature: Room Temperature

Dried yeast autolysate with a high content of amino nitrogen and water soluble B complex vitamins. Due to its low NaCl content this quality is well suited for tissue culture.


  • Total Nitrogen (TN): ~9.8%
  • Amino Nitrogen (AN): ~5.1%
  • AN/TN Ratio: ~0.52
  • Sodium Chloride: ~0.3%
  • pH (1% Solution): ~7.0

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

  • Appearance: Light Beige Powder
  • Amino Nitrogen: 4.5 - 5.8 %
  • Ash Content: 11.50 - 16.0 %
  • Dry Matter:  95.0 %
  • Loss on Drying:  5.0 %
  • pH (2.0% Solution @ 25 oC): 6.8 - 7.2
  • Sodium Chloride:  0.5 %
  • Total Nitrogen: 10.0 - 11.8 %
  • Clostridium Perfringens Spores : Report cfu/g
  • E.Coli: Report cfu/g
  • Molds and Yeasts: Report cfu/g
  • Pathenogenic Staphylococcus: Report cfu/g
  • Salmonella : Report cfu/25g
  • Standard Plate Count: Report cfu/g

PR1MA™ Mini CO2 Incubator

  • Digital control of temperature and CO2
  • Personal-sized, 13 x 14.5 in. footprint (20 L)
  • Accepts bottles and flasks up to 2 L
  • Includes 2 stainless steel shelves
  • Dual beam, infrared sensor


At only 13 inches wide, the PR1MA™ Mini CO2 Incubator is the smallest and most economical incubator for applications requiring CO2 gas control. Its small footprint makes the incubator ideal for use inside of biological safety cabinets, isolating sensitive cultures, or for any laboratory simply trying to conserve bench space. With a thick layer of high-efficiency insulation surrounding the chamber, the incubator is also ideal for the transportation of cells. Once power has been disconnected, the incubator maintains temperature levels within 10% of the set parameter for up to 1 hour*. In addition, each model includes a 12 V vehicle power adapter for operating the instrument in a car, boat, etc.

Both temperature and CO2 percentages are digitally adjustable and displayed in real-time on the large LED control panel. This panel also features a “Cal” function, for easy in-lab calibration of the temperature or CO2. In addition, humidity (up to 80%) can be added to the chamber by inserting the included (stainless steel) humidity reservoir.

The CO2 level is constantly monitored using dual-beam infrared sensing technology. In the event of a drop in CO2, audible and visual alarms are triggered, notifying the user of the error.


Despite its small size, the incubator features a relatively large 20 L chamber with the capacity for flasks and bottles up to 2 liters. Two removable, stainless-steel shelves are included. The shelves are perforated to improve airflow within the chamber.


* If disconnected from the CO2 supply, CO2 percentage decreases by approx. 1%/30 min.


Temperature RangeRoom Temperature
-10°C to 55°C
Temperature Accuracy0.25°C (at 37°C)
Temperature Uniformity0.5°C (at 37°C)
Temperature Increment0.1°C
CO2 Range0 to 20%
CO2 SensorDual beam infrared
CO2 Accuracy0.1% (at 5%)
Humidity70 to 80%
Exterior Dims (W x D x H)13.2 x 14.5 x 18.7 in.
33.5 x 37 x 47.5 cm
Interior Dims (W x D x H)10.3 x 9.3 x 12.8 in.
26 x 23.5 x 32.5 cm
Capacity20 L | 0.7 Cu Ft
Weight15 lbs | 6.5 kg
Electrical100 to 240V, 50-60 Hz
Warranty2 Years



Suspension Cell Culture Non-Treated Multiple Well Plates

  • Plates are labeled with alpha-numeric markings for easy identification of individual wells
  • Each well has a raised rim which nests into the rings on the single direction lid to reduce evaporation and limit the risk of cross contamination
  • Lids have a stacking feature for added stability when handling tall stacks of plates
  • 1 Well Plate has the same footprint as standard multiple well plates and is useful for high volume and robotic screening of DNA libraries and manual plating; it is also suitable for dot-blotting bacterial clones on 11.4 x 7.3cm (4.5 x 2.875in) nylon membranes
  • 4 well plate is a smaller footprint option which offers well size similar to that of a 24 well plate, but has expanded well spacing to reduce cross contamination
  • 384 Well Plates are ideal for automated applications, colorimetric assays, compound storage or small volume applications

Part Number

Product Description

Pack Description



1 Well Non-treated Plate with Lid, Individual, Sterile




4 Well Non-treated Plate with Lid, Individual, Sterile




6 Well Non-treated Plate with Lid, Individual, Sterile

Individual, 50/Pack



12 Well Non-treated Plate with Lid, Individual, Sterile

Individual, 50/Pack



24 Well Non-treated Plate with Lid, Individual, Sterile

Individual, 50/Pack



48 Well Non-treated Plate with Lid, Individual, Sterile

Individual, 50/Pack



96 Well Non-treated Plate, Round Bottom with Lid, Individual, Sterile

Individual, 50/Pack



96 Well Non-treated Plate with Lid, Individual, Sterile

Individual, 50/Pack



384 Well Non-Treated Plate with Lid, Individual, Sterile




Our Inoculating Loops and Needles are smooth and flexible to facilitate uniform, smooth streaking without damage to media/gel surfaces. The needles are straight and suitable for removal of single colony specimens. The loops are extra-smooth and constructed of polypropylene and rubber. Both the loops and needles are packed sterile in safe, tamper-proof, zip-seal resealable bags. Cross contamination due to improper sterilization is eliminated. They can be used under hoods without danger, are color coded for ease of size identification, and are extra long to reduce the risk of contamination. Certificate of conformity is available upon request.

Total Length: 22.7cm (9)


Inoculating Loops & Needles - Reusable

Inoculating Loops:

  • High-quality twisted nichrome wire.
  • Cool rapidly and are less expensive than platinum.
  • Calibrated Loops are supplied with calibration certificates based on ASM/APHA Evans Blue Dye test protocols.


Inoculating Loop Holders:

  • Nickel plated brass.
  • Handles are insulated to protect the hand during use.

Inoculating Handles and Loops:

  • High-quality twisted nichrome wire attached to a lightweight aluminum handle.
  • Handles are insulated to protect the hand during use.
  • Calibrated loops are supplied with calibration certificates based on ASM/APHA Evans Blue Dye test protocols.


Inoculating Needles:

  • High-quality nichrome wire that cools rapidly after sterilization.
  • Attached to a light-weight and insulated aluminum handle.



Item #DescriptionQty
Calibrated Loops without Handles
L1100Calibrated Inoculating Loops, 10 uL, 4 mm ID5/pk
L1101Calibrated Inoculating Loops, 1 uL, 1.45 mm ID5/pk
Loops without Handles
L1102Small Inoculating Loops, 2.45 mm ID25/pk
L1103Medium Inoculating Loops, 3.41 mm ID25/pk
L1104Large Inoculating Loops, 5.45 mm ID25/pk
Loop Holders
L1110Brass Inoculating Loop and Needle Holder, 6 in.1/pk
L1111Brass Inoculating Loop and Needle Holder, 8 in.1/pk
Streaker Loops with Handles
L1120Inoculating Streaker Loops, Small, Blue; 2.5 mm ID5/pk
L1121Inoculating Streaker Loops, Medium, Green; 3.5 mm ID5/pk
L1122Inoculating Streaker Loops, Large, Red; 5.5 mm ID5/pk
Calibrated Streaker Loops with Handles
L1123Calibrated Inoculating Streake Loops, 1ul, 1.45 mm ID5/pk
L1124Calibrated Inoculating Streake Loops, 10 ul, 4 mm ID5/pk
L1125Teasing Needle, 6", Straight, 19 Guage, White1/pk



Petri (Non-treated Cell Culture Dishes)

  • Cell Culture Dishes are available in Tissue Culture Treated and Non-treated Cell Culture versions
  • Petri (Non-treated Cell Culture Dishes) have thicker and more durable plastic than standard Petri Dishes  both can be used for the same applications
  • 60, 70 and 100mm dishes available with a pronounced grip ring for improved handling
  • Vented lids contain molded spacers to allow gas exchange


Part Number

Product Description

Pack Description



35mm x 10mm Petri Dish, Sterile




60mm x 15mm Petri Dish w/Grip Ring, Sterile




100mm x 15mm Petri Dish w/Grip Ring, Sterile




100mm x 15mm Petri Dish w/Grip Ring, Sterile




100mm x 20mm Petri Dish w/Grip Ring, Sterile




150mm x 15mm Petri Dish, Sterile




150mm x 20mm Petri Dish, Sterile