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LabDoctor™ myGel Mini Electrophoresis System

MIDSCI showcases the compact and easy-to-use myGel Mini Electrophoresis System recommended for use in small laboratories and workrooms. The myGel Mini Electrophoresis System from LabDoctor™ is a complete solution that includes a gel tank, a mini power supply and two casting sets to start on your gel electrophoresis efficiently. The myGel mini power supply is attached to the gel box for a secure connection. All selectable parameters are set using the accessible membrane keypad.


Key Features:

  • Vented Safety Lid

    Dissipates the heat generated during electrophoresis and offers a viewing area above the gel. Current will only run through the system when the lid is properly placed on the gel box.

  • Versatile Trays and Convenient Casting

    Stands for both 10.5 x 6 cm and 5 x 6 cm gels and comes with multichannel compatible combs. The gel trays feature a dark contrast strip to help visualize wells while loading and lines that fluoresce under UV and blue light to track the run progress. No spacers or clamps needed!

  • Compact Design

    myGel Mini Electrophoresis System footprint is: 7 x 5.1 in.

Technical Features:

Output Voltage: 35V, 50V, or 100V
Timer: 0-99 min. or continuous
Safety: Magnetic and mechanical lid interlock
Maximum Buffer Volume: 230 mL
Gel Capacity: One 10.5 x 6 cm or two 5 x 6 cm
Dimensions: 19 x 13 x 5.5 cm
Weight: 1 lb
Electrical: 115V (E1101) or 230V (E1101-E)

Works in 3 Easy Steps:

  • Place the tray in the castinstand and pour myGel.
  • Load myGel™ Refer to the contrast strip.
  • Press Start and run myGel.