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LabCon SuperSpin™ Microcentrifuge Tubes

  • Ultra-high centrifuging up to 40,000 x G*
  • Optically clear resin
  • Resin will not interfere with DNA or PCR
  • For Phenol/Chloroform vortexing
  • Reduced Thumb Force
  • Autoclavable (122°C) and freezable (-80°C)
  • Packaged in resealable bags
  • Tubes have flat pierceable caps and a side writing surface
  • Graduated

SuperSpin® microcentrifuge tubes were designed with the ability to extract DNA from samples and then amplify that DNA with reliable results in mind.  They can be trusted to spin at high rates and can be opened and closed easily many times to add or remove agents.  The interior surfaces are ultra-smooth with low retention.  The tubes are clear enough to be use in spectrophotometers and have no extractables at the wavelength ranges you use to detect DNA. SuperSpin® microcentrifuge tubes are more than twice as effective at transmitting light than most brands of micro centrifuge tubes.

*Maximum G-force can be affected by organic solvents, multiple spin cycles, or low temperature storage.

3016-870-000-9 20170-038
3016-871-000-9 20170-036
3016-872-000-9 20170-034
3016-873-000-9 20170-032
3016-874-000-9 20170-030
3016-876-000-9 20170-028
3016-877-000-9 20170-026
3016-878-000-9 20170-024
3016-879-000-9 20170-022

PurePlus® PCR Plates

  • PurePlus® plates are tested for RNase/DNase lot by lot to ensure pure product
  • Our plates are lot certified free of Human DNA contamination
  • Our plates are tested for ATP lot by lot to ensure pure consistent product
  • Broad product range. Over 18 styles of plates fit most major thermocyclers
  • These plates are autoclavable to 122° C for 15 minutes at 15PSI

Ultra Clear and Ultra Clean
We make our PurePlus® Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) consumables without additives so you don't need to wonder what is different about the plates, tubes, or strips you are using this week. We also test every batch for contamination by Human DNA as well as the more common tests that other suppliers offer for RNase and DNase enzymes. Many of our plates are printed with black alpha numeric reference grids to make it easier for you to keep track of your samples. We also offer optically clear caps and opaque black or white plates for Real Time PCR. And we also offer re-usable silicone sealing mats and polypropylene sealing film. Labcon PurePlus® PCR tubes, strips and plates are designed to fit many popular thermocyclers including brands like Applied Biosystems, Eppendorf, Thermo Scientific, and Bio Rad. All our PCR disposables are made from 100% virgin polypropylene and are lot tested and certified to be free of RNase, DNase, and Human DNA. Autoclavable. Our pure resin consumables are available in strips, individual tubes, plates in clear natural or colors.

Our PurePlus® sterile disposables, like all our other sterile products, receive valid sterilization processing compliant with ISO 11137. So unlike "pre-sterile" products from other suppliers you can use PurePlus® PCR disposables for diagnostic and regulated procedures.

3983-520-000-9 82006-678
3983-520-010-9 89218-288
3984-520-000-9 89218-294
3961-520-000-9 89218-296
3962-520-000-9 89218-298
3962-521-000-9 10755-256
3971-520-000-9 82006-650
3976-520-000-9 82006-664
3978-520-000-9 82006-704
3978-520-010-9 89218-292
3978-522-000-9 82006-714
3978-524-000-9 82006-710
3978-526-000-9 82006-712
3978-527-000-9 82006-706
3978-528-000-9 82006-708
3978-529-000-9 82006-718
3963-520-000-9 83009-676
3967-520-000-9 83009-668
3968-520-000-9 83009-672
3972-520-000-9 89049-178
3972-520-010-9 89218-290
3973-520-000-9 83007-374
3973-529-000-9 83007-372
3974-520-000-9 37001-272
3977-520-000-9 82006-636
3977-522-000-9 82006-646
3977-526-000-9 82006-644
3977-527-000-9 82006-638
3977-528-000-9 82006-640
3977-529-000-9 82006-648
3979-520-000-9 93001-100

PerformR® Freestanding Centrifuge Tubes

  • Flat screw caps
  • Molded graduations
  • IATA 95kPa certified
  • ATP, RNase/DNase and Endotoxin Free (non-pyrogenic)
  • Polypropylene USP Class VI resin
  • Centrifuging to 10,000 x G
  • Tubes and caps are freezable to -80°C
  • Tubes are autoclavable










Tip Top™ Dispenser Caps

  • Convenient and Easy: Just tilt the tube and squeeze Tip Top® slightly to dispense one drop onto a slide.
  • Safe Dispensing: You don't need to open the tube preventing spillage and exposure to infectious agents.
  • Very Low Evaporation: A flexible cap is available to cover the Tip Top® so you can store samples longer.
  • Medical Grade Resins: USP Class medical grade resins and packaging.

Safe Dispensing of Blood Samples
Tip Top® Dispenser Caps A safe and cost-effective way of dispensing samples in your lab. The Tip Top® is a disposable cone shaped cap that fits all standard 13 or 16mm blood collection tubes. A small opening allows you to dispense a sample without removing the Tip Top cap so you can prepare smears on slides or dispense into reagent wells or microcentrifuge tubes safely. Inside the tip of the Tip Top® is an integral porous filter that removes fibrin from the blood sample allowing for a perfect smear.

Tip Top® is a convenient alternative to pipetting from an open blood tube, just tilt the tube and squeeze to dispense one drop. And Tip Top® is safe you don't need to open the tube and pipet out of the tube so spillage is reduced along with potential exposure to infectious disease. Just carefully remove the stopper and replace with Tip Top®.

The Tip Top® dispenser cap can be used with almost any liquid. Made from chemically resistant polyethylene they can dispense serum, reagents, plasma, whole blood and CSF. The integral porous polyethylene filter efficiently separates serum and can also be used a a reagent blender.

Fits standard 13 x 100 and 16 x 100 collection tubes.

5511-800-000-9 30128-604
5512-800-000-9 N/A

Labcon PurePlus Sample Library Tubes

All racked tubes include rack lids

PurePlus® Sample Library Tubes

  • ATP, RNase/DNase and Endotoxin Free (non-pyrogenic)
  • Freezable (-80°C)
  • Autoclavable (122°C, 15 minutes)

PurePlus® Sample Library Tubes are designed for long-term specimen storage. Caps and tubes come in different packages. Separate closures strips are available. 96 tube format with printed alpha numeric grid and a clear lid.

Library tubes available as: Individual tubes, 8-well, and 12-well tube strips.

Made of polypropylene. Autoclavable (122°C, 15 min) and freezable (-80°C).

  • All racked tubes include rack lids.
  • Tube closures are sold separately.

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  • Item#:

    Labcon Screw Caps with O-Rings

    for SuperClear® Microcentrifuge Tubes

    Screw Caps with O-Rings, for SuperClear® Tubes

    • Ethylene propylene O-ring
    • Endotoxin Free (non-pyrogenic)
    • Polyethylene USP Class VI resin
    • Autoclavable
    • Caps are in resealable bags

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    ViewPoint™ Thermochromatic Centrifuge Tubes

    • Real Time Temperature: Patent Pending real time temperature signaling.
    • UV Protection: Prevents damage to biomolecules from UV.
    • Temperature Control: Maintain desired temperature throughout experimentation.
    • Certified Safe: Tested and certified safe for use in Cell Culture and other critical work.
    • Wide Range of Options: Available in sterile and non sterile packaging with three tube styles.
    • Medical Grade: USP Class medical grade resins and packaging. Safe for all lab uses.

    Real-Time Temperature Signaling
    ViewPoint™ tubes transition from clear to blue when exposed to cold temperatures. This multi-step and reversible thermochromic transition offers real-time temperature signaling to indicate fluctuations above and below 4°C. At 5° C and above ViewPoint™ tubes are clear and transparent. At 4°C ViewPoint™ tubes transition to light blue and become slightly opaque. At 0°C ViewPoint™ tubes reach their full progressive transition to dark blue, are completely opaque, and provide protection from Ultraviolet (UV) light.

    Patents Pending.

    Optimize Incubation Time On Ice
    A large number of protocols require chilled cells and/or chilled solvents. In these protocols samples and solutions are chilled for 30 minutes, 3 hours, or overnight. ViewPoint™ signals that a sample is chilled to 0 - 4°C. Efficient chilling reduces incubation time, saving researchers time in a busy workflow.

    Real-Time Temperature Signaling Protects Samples
    It is critical to reduce the formation of ice crystals when working with aqueous samples. Ice crystals begin to form at 0 – 4°C and damage cells. ViewPoint™ tubes begin transitioning from clear to light blue at 4°C with full dark blue signaling at 0°C. Real-time temperature signaling alerts the researcher to potentially harmful ice crystal formation and enables the maintenance of the desired temperature throughout experimentation.

    Protection from Ultraviolet Radiation
    When fully dark blue (0°C) ViewPoint™ tubes provide added protection from Ultraviolet (UV) light. Unlike other tinted products, ViewPoint™ tubes become opaque at 0°C and provide protection from UV, eliminating the need for wrapping tubes in aluminum foil to shield sensitive samples from light radiation. Without a bulky aluminum foil wrap, ViewPoint™ tubes fit perfectly into racks and can be clearly labeled on the frosted writing surface.

    ViewPoint™ tubes are available in our exclusive IntegraPack® 10 tube packs, reusable polypropylene racks, and non-sterile bulk bags (1.5mL) All our sterile products use medical grade packaging and are radiation sterilized following a validated ISO 11137 method.

    ViewPoint™ tubes are patent pending. The three-color tube labeling graphics are copyright, trademark, and trade dress of Labcon North America

    MIDSCI # VWR #
    3210-320-008-9 N/A
    3210-325-008-9 N/A
    3210-335-008-9 N/A
    3220-320-008-9 N/A
    3220-325-008-9 N/A
    3220-335-008-9 N/A

    PurePlus® Deep Well Plates

    For items beginning with:

    Extra Volume 2.5 mL 96-Square Well Plate System
    These square hole flat bottom plates hold a full 2.5 mL** and work as storage plates or reservoirs.  A black snap-in corner marker ensures proper orientation.  Openings in the plate sides permit easy removal of mats or film.  A clear lift off lid is available for transport or freezer storage.  The clear lid fits even with a mat in place.  Lid and plate are made of polypropylene. Autoclavable (122°C, 15 minutes) and freezable (-80°C).

    For items beginning with:

    Deep-Well Plates
    Heavy deep-well plates feature printed alphanumeric labeling and smooth inside surfaces to ensure that all of your sample can be pipetted.  They are designed to be manipulated by robots and can be autoclaved and sealed using film or mats.  Autoclavable (122°C, 15 minutes) and freezable (-80°C).

    MIDSCI # VWR #
    3904-520-000-9 N/A
    3903-520-000-9 N/A
    3908-520-000-9 10755-258
    3908-525-000-9 10755-246
    3901-520-000-9 N/A
    3905-520-010-9 N/A
    3909-520-000-9 10755-248
    3909-525-000-9 10755-250
    3902-520-000-9 37001-520
    3900-520-000-9 37001-518

    Labcon 24-Place & 48-Place

    Microtube Storage Racks

    24-Place & 48-Place Microtube Storage Racks

    • Hold 1.5 mL, 1.7 mL, and 2.0 mL microtubes
    • Freezable (-190°C) and autoclavable (122°C)
    • Racks float in water baths

    Labcon 24-Place and 48-Place micro centrifuge tube and cryo-vial storage system. For 1.5 mL and 2.0 mL tubes. These racks fit into Labcon pipette tip boxes and are made of recycled plastic. Fully autoclavable (122°C) and freezable (-190°C). Stackable racks float in your water bath and can incorporate dry ice for use with frozen samples on the bench.

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    C-Pette™ Blood Transfer Dispenser

    • For safe and efficient blood dispensing
    • Ideal for Point-of-Care (POC) use with any analyzer
    • Minimizes aerosols
    • Reduces the risk of lab-acquired infections
    • Stainless steel canula

    C-Pette™ blood collection tube dispenser for point of care testing instruments. Dispenses one drop of blood onto test cartridge or cassette. Dispenses blood drops easy with no need to open collection tubes. Fits standard glass or plastic blood tubes with rubber stoppers. Made of polystyrene and Stainless steel. Not Autoclavable. 

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    SuperClear® Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes

    • SuperClear® tubes have integral molded in seals instead of O-rings than can dislodge.
    • These tubes and caps can be reliably autoclaved for 15 minutes at 122° C.
    • USP Class medical grade resins and packaging for all lab uses.

    Reliable Sealing for Freezing and Storage
    SuperClear® Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes with molded-in elastomeric seal are ideal for any sample processing application. Excellent for frozen storage or when working with hazardous or valuable materials.

    Tubes and caps are autoclavable. Tubes can be centrifuged to 20,000 RCF.

    Available in 0.5mL, 1.5mL, and 2.0ml sizes in both conical and freestanding versions. 2.0ml and 1.5ml Tubes have a side writing surface and graduations on some versions.

    All packaged sterile versions are sterilized with a validated and approved ISO 11137 method. Freezable to -80°C.

    MIDSCI # VWR #
    3630-870-000-9 16466-034
    3631-870-000-9 16466-056
    3631-875-000-9 16466-054
    3633-870-000-9 89401-602
    3633-875-000-9 89401-604
    3640-870-000-9 16466-036
    3641-870-000-9 16466-052
    3641-875-000-9 16466-050
    3643-870-000-9 89401-606
    3643-875-000-9 89401-608
    3610-870-000-9 16466-030
    3611-870-000-9 16466-064
    3611-875-000-9 16466-062
    3613-870-000-9 89401-594
    3613-875-000-9 89401-596
    3650-870-000-9 16466-038
    3651-870-000-9 16466-048
    3651-875-000-9 16466-046
    3653-870-000-9 89401-610
    3653-875-000-9 89401-612
    3620-870-000-9 16466-032
    3621-870-000-9 16466-060
    3621-875-000-9 16466-058
    3623-870-000-9 89401-598
    3623-875-000-9 89401-600
    3660-870-000-9 16466-040
    3661-870-000-9 16466-044
    3661-875-000-9 16466-042
    3663-870-000-9 89401-614
    3663-875-000-9 89401-616

    ProtectR™ Dry Ice Storage Tubes

    Key Features

    • Tested and certified to the IATA 95kPa standard
    • Patented writing surface prevents smeared ink and protects your notes
    • Flat caps with integral molding in two material seal are virtually leak proof
    • Tube are printed with three colors that highlight important features of the tubes.
    • USP Class medical grade resins and packaging. ProtectR tubes are for all lab uses.

     Full Protection of Your Samples
    Samples of proteins, other biological molecules, and cell cultures are commonly shipped and stored on dry ice, putting them at risk of acidification by up to 2.5 pH units. In standard centrifuge tubes, CO2 vapor from dry ice enters the tube headspace and causes a significant drop in the pH of the sample.

    Even in short term storage conditions, samples may become acidified. This acidification can affect the integrity and reproducibility of samples, and may result in a loss of protein activity.

    ProtectR™ tubes are the ideal vessel for primary and secondary sample containment. Samples are shipped on dry ice in a variety of volumes. When shipped in standard, small volume tubes, samples are at risk of acidifcation. ProtectR tubes can be used as a secondary shipping tube for multiple small volume tubes. With their airtight, leak-resistant secure seal, ProtectR tubes provide a protective barrier against CO2 exposure, safeguarding the sample(s) inside from costly damage. Only ProtectR tubes ensure consistent sample integrity and protein activity across experiments. Even if samples are delayed during shipping, they will not become compromised, saving time and money.

    Most international and domestic carriers now require adherence to the IATA standards for all biological substance shipments. IATA 95 kPa certification ensures containers are leak-resistant under differential pressure conditions such as in air transport. This certification requires containers to prove capable of withstanding, without leakage, an internal pressure producing a pressure differential of not less than 95 kPa (0.95 bar, 13.8 psi).

    ProtectR tubes feature our Patented ViewPoint labeling spot that helps to reduce smearing of lab markers at the same time it protects sample labeling from damage during storage or procedures. ProtectR tubes are available in our exclusive 10 tube IntegraPack® packaging. And like all our sterile products we only use medical grade packaging and sterilize following a validated ISO 11137 method.

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