Reliably eliminate the presence of bacteria, spores, and all sorts of other microorganisms with our wide variety of high quality sterilization equipment.

MIDSCI can offer a wide range of sterilization equipment sure to meet not only your needs but also your wants. 
Take, for instance, our Micro Bead Sterilizer. Like all the other sterilization equipment we have in stock, it reliably eliminates bacteria, viruses, parasites, spores, and other microbes. Yet it also eliminates the dangers associated with open flames and comes in a “Tall” model for the sterilization of larger tools, if you want. 
You don’t have to sacrifice your wallet nor bench top space with our sterilization equipment either. For example, the BioClave 16 Digital Research Autoclave is an affordable steam sterilizer with a width of under 18 in or 14 in (depending on model) so that even the most crowded bench top can handle it! 
This is just a tiny snapshot of the convenience, affordability, and reliability our sterilization equipment can offer you.


Benchmark BioClave™ Research Autoclaves

  • Designed specifically for the sterilization of laboratory research tools
  • Fully automatic operation – just press start
  • Built in water tank – no external connection needed
  • 8 L, 16 L and 28 L models
  • All models small enough for benchtop use

Despite the space-saving exterior dimensions of the Bioclaves, the stainless steel chambers are surprisingly large, accommodating a variety of liquids, media, instruments, glassware, plasticware and other common research laboratory items. Available in 8 L, 16 L and 28 L chamber volumes, these benchtop models include a mechanical and electrical safety interlock that prevents the door from being opened until the pressure has reached zero PSI.

With a large digital LCD display and fully automatic operation, all segments of the cycle (fill, sterilize, exhaust and dry) commence and run to completion by simply pressing the start button. An optional thermal mini-printer is also available for providing a record of sterilization parameters and a USB drive can be used to record settings and transfer them to a PC.

The 8 liter BioClave Mini is preprogrammed to meet basic sterilization needs. Temperature can be selected at either 121° C or 134° C, and the sterilization time is fully adjustable. The economical BioClave Mini is the ideal choice wherever benchtop sterilization is required and space is limited.

BioClave 16 L and 28 L Models offer preset cycle options (standard programs), for use with liquids, wrapped research instruments or unwrapped instruments/plasticware. An additional option “Dry Only” is also available for additional drying time to be added to the end of a cycle. For special applications, requiring variations in cycle parameters, all settings are fully adjustable.

The Bioclave 28 L features an increased chamber size with a diameter of 32 cm. With this larger internal chamber, the BioClave 28 is our only model capable of sterilizing 1 and 2 liters flasks (and bottles). Despite the increased chamber size, the unit is still relatively compact, suitable for benchtop use.


Small on the outside, the Sterilmatic has as much inside capacity as many large, more costly conventional sterilizers and up to five times the capacity of smaller table top units. Two models are available, each with roomy 16 dia. x 26 in. D chamber.

Economical, reliable, and simple to operate, the versatile Sterilmatic provides the highest standards of sterilizing performance in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories around the world.

Large Capacity: The big Sterilmatic chamber holds three trays of 12" x 20" x 2.5" size, or two bedpans. Fits on a 24" counter, or may be ordered with a stand.

Versatile: For all requirements of safe and positive saturated steam sterilization: wrapped and unwrapped dressings, instruments, utensils, glassware, gloves, syringes, bedpans, discharge kits, and liquids. Exhaust speed dial with fast (1 minute for instruments and glassware) and slow (10 minutes for liquids) settings. 0 -to - 60-minute timer. Fixed-temperature model heats to 121 °C (250 °F). Variable-temperature model heats from 110 °C to 121 °C (230 °F to 250 °F).

Safe And Simplified Door Design: Self-sealing and self-aligning one-piece internal door can't be opened until steam pressure is completely exhausted. Cumbersome radial arm construction is eliminated. The door locks itself automatically and positively. All controls are front mounted. Sterilizer features a 0-207kPa (0 - 30psi) pressure gauge, temperature gauge, low water cut-off, safety valve, thermostatic steam trap, and signal light.

Easy To Operate: Fill reservoir with water, load, close door, select exhaust cycle, and set time. Sterilizing cycle begins automatically when unit reaches temperature and pressure. Signal light stays on during sterilizing cycle. Unit shuts off and exhausts steam automatically.

Faster Preheat: Sterilmatic reaches sterilizing temperature in 8-10 minutes from a cold start and in 3-7 minutes when in continued use. Conventional counter autoclaves take three times as long. Sterilmatic provides twice as many sterilizing cycles, increasing daily output substantially.

Optional Accessories

  • Stainless Steel Stand
  • Tray, Perforated Stainless Steel, 30.5W x 50.8L x 6.4D cm(12 x 20 x 2-1/2")
  • Tray, Perforated Stainless Steel, 30.5W x 50.8L x 10.2D cm(12 x 20 x 4")
  • Tray, Perforated Stainless Steel, 30.5W x 50.8L x 15.2D cm(12 x 20 x 6")
  • Basket, Perforated Stainless Steel, 30.5W x 50.8L x 6.4D cm(12 x 20 x 2-1/2")
  • Basket, Perforated Stainless Steel, 30.5W x 50.8L x 15.2D cm(12 x 20 x 6")
  • Recording Thermometer
  • Exhaust Condenser>
  • Recording Chart, 24-hour

Warranty: One Year On Parts, 90 Days On Labor

Overall Dimesnions: 48W x 79D x 74Hcm (18-3/4 x 31 x 29")

Chamber Dimensions: 66L x 41 dia. cm (26 x 16")

Chamber Capacity: 3 cu. ft.

Operating Pressures: 15 psi (1 ATM, 100 kPa)

Net Weight: 63 kg (140 lbs)

Required Connections: Drain, 13mm (1/2") FPT or 16mm (5/8") O.D.; copper steam exhaust connection, 10mm (3/8") IPS. For 208/240V 60Hz, 1 or 3 phase; 30 for 240V, 4-wire; 45 for 208V, single phase; 51 for 240V, 3-wire. Must be hardwired in the location of use. All models available for operation on single or three-phase, three or four wire system.

Meets UL and CSA codes. ASME approved.