Tip Top™ Dispenser Caps

  • Convenient and Easy: Just tilt the tube and squeeze Tip Top® slightly to dispense one drop onto a slide.
  • Safe Dispensing: You don't need to open the tube preventing spillage and exposure to infectious agents.
  • Very Low Evaporation: A flexible cap is available to cover the Tip Top® so you can store samples longer.
  • Medical Grade Resins: USP Class medical grade resins and packaging.

Safe Dispensing of Blood Samples
Tip Top® Dispenser Caps A safe and cost-effective way of dispensing samples in your lab. The Tip Top® is a disposable cone shaped cap that fits all standard 13 or 16mm blood collection tubes. A small opening allows you to dispense a sample without removing the Tip Top cap so you can prepare smears on slides or dispense into reagent wells or microcentrifuge tubes safely. Inside the tip of the Tip Top® is an integral porous filter that removes fibrin from the blood sample allowing for a perfect smear.

Tip Top® is a convenient alternative to pipetting from an open blood tube, just tilt the tube and squeeze to dispense one drop. And Tip Top® is safe you don't need to open the tube and pipet out of the tube so spillage is reduced along with potential exposure to infectious disease. Just carefully remove the stopper and replace with Tip Top®.

The Tip Top® dispenser cap can be used with almost any liquid. Made from chemically resistant polyethylene they can dispense serum, reagents, plasma, whole blood and CSF. The integral porous polyethylene filter efficiently separates serum and can also be used a a reagent blender.

Fits standard 13 x 100 and 16 x 100 collection tubes.

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