PerformR® 175 and 225 mL Centrifuge Tubes

  • Available in 175 mL and 225 mL volumes
  • Fit standard cushions and rotors of floor model and benchtop centrifuges
  • Outside dimensions of the 175 mL tube is 61 x 117 mm
  • Outside dimension of the 225 mL tube is 61 x 137 mm
  • Spins to 8,000 x RCF
  • Autoclavable (122°C) and Freezable (-80°C)

Large centrifuge tubes are perfect for clarifying large volume solutions or concentrating live cells in tissue culture. Made from pure pre-tested medical-grade resins to ensure the integrity of your work. Each lot is tested and certified free of RNase/DNase, Endotoxins, and is non-pyrogenic. Resins are pre-tested, and are free of ATP, Oleamide, DiHEMDA, and Phthalates. These tubes come in unique balanced packages of 2 tubes, so you don’t have to worry about resealing bags or re-sterilizing these tubes. They also include our exclusive caps with an integral elastomeric sealing ring that eliminates leaking. Sterile tubes have been sterilized with a validated medical-grade process using radiation.

3080-820-000-9 89218-280
3080-825-000-9 89218-282
3081-820-000-9 89218-284
3081-825-000-9 89218-286