Bake-Tags, White,

1.5x0.75in., 250/roll

Bake Tags are oven-safe marking labels that withstand conventional oven-sterilization (typically 180°C) or heating to inactivate RNase, DNase and other enzymes. Bake Tags will withstand autoclaving, cryogenic freezer storage conditions and boiling baths without peeling or falling off.

Label Size: 1.50" x 0.75" (38mm x 19mm)

Ideal Use: Oven-sterilization

Color: White

U of M: 250/roll

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Pre-cut Peel off Labels Designed for Use in Thermal Transfer Printers

PRINTING FLEXIBILITY - Print as little as one label at a time, eliminating label waste and saving time and money.

BARCODING - Print popular barcode formats for fast and easy sample identification.

VERSATILE - Works with most thermal transfer printers.

HIGH RESOLUTION - Print crisp, clear, professional quality labels.

SUPERIOR - Unique solvent-resistant, acrylic-based adhesive provides excellent cold temperature performance.

TOUGH - Resists degradation from scuffing, chemicals, moisture and wide temperature fluctuations.

SPECIALLY DESIGNED - Coated for use with a resin ribbon that provides the best performance under extreme conditions.
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Resin Ribbon, 2.5in. x 244ft.

for TLP 2844 Zebra Printer

Ribbon Size: 2.50" (64mm) Wide x 244' (74m) Long

Printer: For use in Zebra printer model TLP 2844

U of M: Roll

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Xylene Resistant Thermal

Transfer Labels, .875 X .875"

Xylene Resistant Thermal Transfer Labels are pre-cut, peel off labels for thermal transfer printers

  • Xylene Resistant - Polyester labels provide strong solvent resistance, specifically to xylene washes as well as longer term exposure to xylene
  • Versatile - Temp. Range of -40 °C to 121 ° C. Xylene labels resist boiling water baths, autoclaving, and moderate freezer temperatures.
  • Specially Designed - Rolls are specially top-coated to readily accept thermal transfer printing and can also accept handwriting from lab markers.
  • Convenient - Labels are available in a microscope slide size as well as a unique general purpose size for multiple uses.

****100% Virgin polypropylene tubes are recommended. Avoid use of siliconized surfaces.

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Spot Size: 3/8" diameter (9.5mm diameter)

Ideal Use: 0.5 to 1.5ml tubes

U of M: 5,000/roll

Color: White or Assorted

Assorted roll has 1,000 spots each of Blue, Green, Lavender, Red & Yellow


Cryogenic Labels

Labeling frozen vials, microtubes, microplates, glass tubes, freezer boxes, plastic bags and other containers can be a challenge when storing in temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius. 

 We offer with a high quality adhesive that can stick to already frozen vials and other objects.  The adhesive on this type of label will adhere to a surface in wet and/or cold conditions.  The adhesive on the label is specifically designed to stick in temperatures below 80 degree Celsius and as low as 196 degrees Celsius. When storing in deep freeze liquid nitrogen or vapor phase liquid nitrogen our Cryo labels will stay in place.  MIDSCIs Cryo labels are resistant to smearing without any additional lamination.  They also won't become brittle or cracked.

Our cryogenic labeles are made of thermoplastic film and coated with a glove-friendly cryogenic adhesive.  This special adhesive alllows the label to remain strong and sticky so that it can be securely attached to stainless steel, aluminium, paint, powder coated metal and iron. 

Providing a high quality of the Cryo label is essential for labortories, researchers, (etc). It will provide fewer errors, better accuracy, more proficiency and all of this leads to better results at a better budget.  

These come on a roll ready for your use in a lab!


Tough-Tags® are chemically inert labels that strongly adhere to microtubes, test tubes, storage boxes and other microscope slides. They are temperature resistant from 121°C to 40°C and withstand autoclaving, boiling water baths, freezer temperatures, organic solvents and caustic agents. For best adhesion it is recommended that siliconized surfaces be avoided. 

Tough-Tags® are perfect for accurately identifying important samples stored in tubes, microplates or boxes that will be autoclaved or stored in moderate freezer temperatures.


Our patented Cryo-Babies® and Cryo-Tags® withstand both long term cryogenic storage conditions and conventional freezer storage. Cryo labels are chemically inert with a solvent resistant adhesive that will adhere to croygenic vials, microtubes, test tubes, glass vials, beakers and metal racks. Cryo-Babies® and Cryo-Tags® also withstand flash/snap freezing in liquid nitrogen, boiling water baths at 100°C and dry heat up to 150°C.

  • TEMPERATURE-RESISTANT - From -196°C to 70°C and also freezable in liquid nitrogen
  • TOUGH - Adhere to most plastics, glass and metals without cracking, peeling or degrading; also resistant to scuffing and smearing
  • COMPATIBLE - Tubes labeled with Direct Thermal CryoTags easily slide in and out of centrifuge rotors without binding
  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED - Labels accept printing from direct thermal printers such as Dymo LabelWriters, both the 400 and 450 styles
  • BARCODING - Print popular barcode formats for fast and easy sample identification
  • ECONOMICAL - Limit label waste by printing only the quantity required
  • NEW FORMAT - Labels are now oriented vertically and are compatible with the new LabelWriter 450
  • SAME GREAT PRODUCT - Users of Direct Thermal Tough-Tags will be happy to know weâve expanded the Temp Range of Tough-Tags and made them Cryo-Tags

Please give us a call for a sample.


Removable Tough-Tags are durable labels that cleanly remove from reusable surfaces.

NO RESIDUE- Easily remove from surfaces without leaving adhesive

TRACK SAMPLES- Use labels to follow samples from purification to processing

RESISTANT- Resistant to most laboratory solvents, including short-term resistance to acetone and xylene

USEFUL- Great for beakers, bottles, flasks, glass vials, tubes, tube racks, pipettes

MULTIPLE FORMATS- Available on rolls for handwriting or for direct thermal printing using the Dymo LabelWriter


Our label sheets are specially designed to permanently accept laser printing.

Label Size: 1.50" x 0.25" (38mm x 6mm)

Ideal Use: Microplates

Sheet Layout: 4 across - 39 down

Labels/Sheet: 156

Colors: White, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow or "Rainbow Pack"

U of M: 3,120/pack

Rainbow Pack includes 4 sheets of each color: Blue, Green, Orange, Red and Yellow

Watch a video on: How to set up your laser tags


No Adhesive Residue - Label and adhesive completely dissolve in any water temperature in under 30 seconds

Environmentally Safe - 100% biodegradable and FDA Compliant for indirect food contact

Temperature-resistant - Storage at room temperature to moderate freezer temperatures

Laser Printable - Labels readily accept laser printing for quick and labeling of laboratory containers

Ideally Sized - Fits a variety of bottles, flasks, beakers and other laboratory containers

WASH-1000 WASH-2000
Label Size 2.625" x 1.00" 4.00" x 1.00"
Ideal Use Various laboratory containers Various laboratory containers
Sheet Layout 3 across - 10 down 2 across - 10 down
Labels/Sheet 30 20
Color White White
U of M 750/pack 500/pack