50x Isohelix Dri-capsules

for long term DNA stability on

sohelix Dri-Capsules
Designed for use with Isohelix SK-1 swabs, these silica gel capsules offer an easy to use alternative to chemical stabilisation for long term stability of the buccal DNA on the swab head prior to isolation.


  • Long term stability at room temperature
  • Liquid free alternative to DSK Kit
  • Easy to handle by patients and professionals
  • Designed for use with SK-1 swab packs
  • Ideal for remote sample collection

Long term stability studies show that the stability of DNA samples on SK1 swabs stored with Isohelix Dri-Capsules is maintained over a period of at least 3 years. The ongoing study is expected to confirm an increased period of stabilization well in excess of the 3 years tested so far.

SGC-50 contains 50 Isohelix dri-capsules individually foil wrapped.
SGC-50-SK1 contains 50 Isohelix dri-capsules plus 50 sk1 swabs, all individually foil wrapped.
SGC-3-SK1 contains 3 Isohelix dri-capsules plus 3 sk1 swabs, all individually foil wrapped.

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Stabilizes DNA at room temperature maintaining integrity for downstream process applications.

The Isohelix BuccalFix range of stabilizing buffers are designed to completely stabilize the DNA in samples from DNA buccal swabs by inhibiting all enzymatic and microbial activity that occurs following any buccal sampling.

The DNA is fully stabilized and, importantly, the structure and integrity of the DNA is fully maintained for further downstream processing applications.

Once stabilized, the DNA can be stored in the BuccalFix at room temperature for periods in excess of 2 years, and then easily be processed for DNA isolation by the addition of Proteinase K and subsequent isolation steps.

The BuccalFix buffers are offered in bulk, as well as pre-filled into various tube formats to suit both manual and more automated applications where 1D and 2D bar coding, and auto de-cap options are valuable. 


  1. Stabilizes your DNA long term
  2. Maintains DNA structural Integrity
  3. Improves DNA yields and purity
  4. Room temperature storage
  5. Choice of collection tubes â Manual/HT
  6. Accommodates various swabs designs
  7. Compatible with most DNA isolation kits