SmartBlue Blue Light

Transilluminator, US cord,

The SmartBlue Blue Light Transilluminator is the smart alternative to UV transillumination. The uniform 465nm bottom lighting illumination is perfect for excitation of most green fluorophores without damaging the DNA, thus resulting in a much higher downstream cloning efficiency. Furthermore, the two position filter cover position allows for easy access to the gel for band excision. Without the need for the use of DNA damaging UV light, you don't have to worry about any damage to the skin and eyes.

The LEDS are long lasting (with a 30,000 hour service life) providing a durable and efficient illumination option. Gels can be excised directly on the unit with the scratch resistant surface. The unit contains an automatic 5 minute timed shutoff for energy saving as well. The cover can be placed flush with the unit, at a 60 degree angle, or completely removed for use with the SmartDoc Imager (E5000-SD).

Pair with DNA Safe Stain (C138) for the ultimate viewing effectiveness!

A 230V is available upon request (SB4500-E).

Light source High Intensity LEDs Output wavelength Peak at 465nm
Filter cover Amber, for filtering of blue light Viewing surface 6.6x4.75 in/17x12 cm
Exterior dimensions 12.8x8.5x1.9 in/30.5x21.5x5 cm Weight 1.2 kg/2.6 lb
Electrical 100-240V, 50/60Hz Warranty 2 years
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  • This unique, new design for the Life Science Laboratory allows crosslinking 
    and hybridization at one location
  • Hybridizer and Crosslinker portions of the HL-2000 operate independently of each other
  • The Crosslinker is also available as a stand-alone unit
  • Temperature control (ambient to 99.9°C)
  • Variable speed control (10 to 18 RPM) enabling consistent saturation of samples, whether it be for washing or hybridizing
  • Large LED display
  • Stainless steel internal construction
  • Multiple bottle sizes, arrangements and off-set bottle positions (three bottle sizes available)
  • Optional rocker plate
    In addition to the hybridization oven features mentioned above, the Crosslinker features:
  • Preset and manual controls for ultraviolet or time exposures
  • Preset exposure delivers 120,000 microjoules or five minutes of exposure
  • Shortwave 254nm, 8 watt, ultraviolet tubes
  • Microprocessor measures and controls UV output, ensuring maximum energy efficiency
  • Large LED display continuously displays time or energy settings
  • Tactile membrane switch keypad
  • Window on the door allows viewing of the process yet blocks out the UV radiation
  • Dimensions: 17.5W x 24H x 15D in. (445 x 610 x 381 mm)
  • 1 year warranty


Variable Speed

10 to 18 RPM

Heating Element

1200 Watts

Operation Range

Ambient to 99.9oC

Temperature Controller Accuracy


Temperature Display


Temperature Stability

Inside Oven: +0.3oC to 68oC
Inside Bottles: +0.1oC to 68oC

Temperature Uniformity

Inside Oven: +0.1oC to 68oC
Inside Bottles: +0.1oC to 68oC

Interior Dimensions

14"W x 10.75"H x 10.75:D 
(356 x 273 x 273mm)

Bottle Capacity

Twenty (20) 35 x 150 mm
Ten (10) 35 x 300 mm
Four (4) 70 x 300 mm 
(with separate Carousel Kit)


12V AC/DC from 115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz

Crosslinker Specifications (HL-2000 HybriLinker only)

Pre-set or user-selected UV energy or UV time exposure settings

Maximum UV energy setting of 999,900 microjoules per cm2

LED displays time or energy

Internal interlocking safety system

Tactile membrane switch keypad

Five 8-watt, 254nm shortwave dual bipin discharge type tubes

Interior Dimensions: 11"W x 3.7"H x 11.5" D (280 x 95 x 292mm)

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UltraSlim® LED Illuminator

  • Safer to use that standard UV transillumiators
    • NO UV hazard to skin and eyes.
    • NO DNA damage inherent to UV - No worries when cutting out bands for elution.
  • Easy for use and gel cutting
    • NO need to wear amber glasses.
  • The THINNEST blue LED illuminator in the world.
    • Strong blue LED for excitation.
    • Uniform: <10% coefficient of variance (CV) in the central viewing area.
    • Compact and Light: 30 mm in height
  • Wide applications other than DNA/RNA gel visualization, such as fluorescent proteins.
    • Sensitive for a wide range of fluorphores: DNA SafeStain, GelGreen, GelRed, EthBr, SYBR® Safe, SYBR Gold, SYBR Green I® & II, SYPRO® Rudy, SYPRO® Orange, Coomassie Fluor Orange stains, and Lumitein Protein Gel Stain.

The UltraSlim® LED Illuminator is designed for viewing stained gels on the laboratory bench, or within gel documentation systems. Safer lighting from the LED source inside the instrument produces blue light with a narrow emission peak centered at approximately 470 nm, which is more effective for the excitation of most nucleic acid and protein stains. Viewing surface is 120mm x 70mm.


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TW-26 Transilluminator, 8W,

White Light, 21x26cm, Single

Uniform white light diffusion for viewing negative and film positives. X-ray film, autoradiographs, microtiter plates, and stained gels can be viewed on the white light transmitting glass surface. This surface, permanently double-safety sealed into the unit for durability, provides a scratch and chemical resistant work area which can be cleaned easily. Durable transilluminator housing is scratch resistant, epoxy powder paint finish for easy cleaning. 2 year warranty

ModelOrder NoDescriptionFilter SizeDimensions
TW-26 95-0208-01White Light Transilluminator, 115V 21 x 26cm9.5"D x 13.25"W x 4.25"H
TW-4395-0214-01White Light Transilluminator, 115V 36 x 43cm19.13"D x 16"W x 4.25"H

Safety Certifications: ETL, ETL/c on all 115V models.
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UltraBright LED

Transilluminator, 470nm,

UltraBright LED Transilluminator

  • Safer to use that standard UV transillumiators
    • NO UV hazard to skin and eyes.
    • NO DNA damage inherent to UV - No worries when cutting out bands for elution.
  • Easy for use and gel cutting
    • NO need to wear amber glasses.
  • Adjustable intensity: from 100% down to 50%.
  • The THINNEST blue LED illuminator in the world.
    • Strong blue LED for excitation.
    • Uniform: <5% coefficient of variance (CV) across the full filter area.
    • Compact and Light: 30 mm in height
  • Wide applications other than DNA/RNA gel visualization, such as fluorescent proteins.
    • Sensitive for a wide range of fluorphores: DNA SafeStain, GelGreen, GelRed, EthBr, SYBR® Safe, SYBR Gold, SYBR Green I® & II, SYPRO® Rudy, SYPRO® Orange, Coomassie Fluor Orange stains, and Lumitein Protein Gel Stain.

The UltraBright LED Transilluminator is ultra-bright and provides safer blue LEDs and easy gel cutting amber filter. Higher sensitivity leads to compatibility with most stains. Full size viewing surface is 160mm x 200 mm.

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3UV-38 UV Lamp, 8W,

  • Selection of each wavelength is by an easy turn of the dial located on one end of the housing
  • The uniquely designed reflector surfaces mounted behind each tube provides maximum UV for fluorescence applications
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed for hand or stationary use
  • 1 year warranty

3UV-34: 9.5L x 3W x 4.5D in. (241 x 76 x 114mm)
3UV-36: 12.5L x 3W x 4.5D in. (318 x 76 x 114mm) 
3UV-38: 15.5L x 3W x 4.5D in. (394 x 76 x 114mm)

3UV Model

Part # 115V/60Hz

Watts Wavelengths
3UV-34 95-0341-01 4 Watts 254/302/365nm
3UV-36 95-0342-01 6 Watts 254/302/365nm
3UV-38 95-0343-01 8 Watts 254/302/365nm
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TMW-20 Transilluminator, 8W,

302nm, UV/White, 20x20cm,

New electronic ballast and cutting-edge construction offers:

  • Increased ultraviolet output and intensity
  • No light flicker
  • Wider intensity range with variable selection (select models)
  • Fast lamp start up
  • Universal power supply
  • Reduced electrical consumption
  • Longer tube life
  • Lighter weight
  • Improved gel visualization and gel documentation
  • 2 year warranty

Models available include:

  • 365nm longwave UV and white light
  • 302nm midrange UV and white light or
  • Combination 2UV 365nm longwave, 302nm midrange and white light
  • Easily switch among the light sources with the rocker switch on the front of the unit
  • Each UV and white light surface area measures 20 x 20cm
  • Hinged, clear UV blocking cover, included with each transilluminator, is height adjustable for access to the filter surface
  • All transilluminators carry a two-year warranty


Light Source:
365nm or 302nm UV White Light
Watts: 8 watts

13.25D x 19.13W x 5H in. (279 x 356 x 143mm)
Height includes UV blocking cover

Note about UV: UVP refers to its midrange UV products as 302nm. Other manufacturers may say 300nm, 310nm or 312nm. The spectral output of these units is the same as UVP's 302nm.
Part Numbers
110 - 115V 230V Model Intensity Style Wavelength Filter Size
95-0415-01 95-0415-02 TLW-20 Single 365nm/White 20x20cm
two sides
95-0415-04 95-0415-05 TMW-20 Single 302nm/White 20x20cm
two sides
95-0418-01 95-0418-02 LMW-20 Single 365/302nm/White 20x20cm
two sides
Replacement Tubes
Replacement Tube 34-0056-01 8 watt, White
Replacement Tube 34-0006-01 8 watt, 365nm
Replacement Tube 34-0042-01 8 watt, 302nm
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Accuris UUV Transilluminator,

16 x 19 cm UV viewing surface
  • 302nm midrange UV wavelength (optimal for EtBr excitation)
  • Dual intensity settings (50% or 100%)
  • Hinged UV Safety cover
  • Use with SmartDocTM enclosure (E5000-SD) for gel imaging with a smart phone
  • Compatible DNA stains: EtBr, SmartGlow LD and PS stain, Gel Red, Gel Green, SYBR® Green, SYBR® safe, and Diamond Nucleic acid Dye
  • 2-yr warranty

This new UV transilluminator features a space-saving design while having 16 x 19 cm UV viewing surface to accommodate large gels or multiple smaller gels. The illuminated surface is comprised of a special black glass which is easy to clean, durable and scratch resistant.

Furthermore, an array of high intensity UV bulbs coupled with an optimized filter provides even illumination across the viewing surface and allows detection of small sample quantities. The dual intensity switch can be used to lower the UV intensity to 50% to reduce DNA damage during long exposure times, or switch to high intensity (100%) for viewing weak fluorescent signals or for photo documentation.

The acrylic UV blocking cover allows safe viewing of samples and has two friction hinges on the front edge to allow angling of the cover for gel access. The cover can be positioned to 90° (straight up) to fit a gel imaging hood, such as the SmartDoc imaging enclosure (E5000-SD).

Technical Specifications


Light Source




Viewing Surface


Ext. Dimensions

10.5 x 13 x 5.5 in  / 26.5 x 32.5 x 14 cm


120 or 230V, 50-60Hz  


2 years

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PhotoDoc-It System, w/M-20V

Transilluminator, 20x20cm,


  • DigiCam color camera with 16 megapixel resolution

  • Lightweight, compact hood provides a compact darkroom environment, hood now includes a new UV blocking viewer window
  • Benchtop UV Transilluminator delivers back-lit UV; select from several benchtop models
  • Color printer generates instant 4" x 6" low cost, laboratory quality color prints
  • Ethidium bromide filter for fluorescent stained gels
  • Combination lock secures the camera to the darkroom


Illuminate stained gels with the UV fluorescence of the compact UV transilluminator. The Ethidium Bromide emission filter, positioned inside the hood, is easily interchangeable for other filter types.

Capture and View

Capture brilliant color images with the high resolution, megapixel digital color camera. View images through the viewer window.

Save and Print

Save images to the memory card (4GM minimum) or instantly print images on the laboratory quality photo printer included with the system. The camera can be connected to a PC with a USB cable(not included) for transferring images.

Select from several Benchtop UV transilluminators:

  • M-20V: 302nm UV, 20x20cm filter

  • LM-20, 302/365nm UV, 20x20cm filter

  • M-26V, 302nm UV, 21x26cm filter

  • LM-26, 302/365nm UV, 21x26cm filter

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Accuris SmartDoc Enclusure

with blue light illuminatio
  • Imaging enclsure works with all common smart phones
  • System includes blue light illumination base
  • Ideal for common safe stains (SmartGlow, SYBR Green, GelGreen, etc.)
  • Visible blue light will not damage DNA
  • Gel viewing and gel access for DNA band cutting
  • Imaging enclosure can also be used on existing transilluniators

The SmartDoc Blue Light (E5000-SDB) is a complete system developed for safely viewing nucleic acids in agarose gels and also for capturing quality digital images with a smart phone camera. This unit has a built in array of blue LEDs in the enclosure which emits an intense blue light with a peak output of 460nm for optimum excitation of nucleic acids stained with green fluorescent dyes (SYBR® Green, SmartGlow, GelStar, GelGreen, etc).

The SmartDoc imaging enclosure includes an orange photo filter for photography of the gels with a smart phone. The orange cover fits on top of the illumination base and acts as a filter to absorb blue light, allowing visualization of the fluorescing samples. The cover can also be set at an angle for gel access and cutting out DNA bands for further study.

An extending adapter can be inserted for full dimension imaging of gels up to 15 x 15 cm or removed for close up pictures. The camera platform can be adjusted up and down to optimize the image size and focus for different types of phone cameras. We found that different iPhones and Droid phones have cameras with different viewing angle lenses.

Additionally, the enclosure can also be used directly on any other existing UV or blue light transilluminator. Additional filters are available for imaging gels on a UV transilluminator. These optical, narrow band filters are needed whether using UV/Blue light transilluminators or the built-in blue LED illumination. These filters block wavelengths above and below the wavelength of the fluorescing gel stain and allow capturing a quality image off the bands in the gel. The filters also provide safety to the user, as they block dangerous UV wavelengths from coming through the lens hole and will protect users' eyes.

The SmartDoc Imaging Enclosure can also be purchased as a separately (item no. E5000-SD) without the blue light illumination base.  The enclosure by itself can be used on most existing UV or blue light transilluminators for smart phone imaging.

Images taken (with customer's phone) can be previewed on the device display before capturing. Images are then easily shared or printed via text message, email or cloud sharking apps. Gel analysis software, such as freeware found at, can be used to analyze the image.

Part No.



SmartDoc 2.0 Imaging System


SmartDoc 2.0 Imaging System with blue light illumination base, US plug


SmartDoc 2.0 UV Blocking Mat


535nm Narrow Band Pass Filter Cassette for SmartDoc


590nm Narrow Band Pass Filter Cassette for SmartDoc


Orange viewing cover

*115V with US Plug. For 230V with EU plug, please add (-E) to part number.


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Enduro GDS Gel

Documentation System w/
  • Exceptional Resolution - 5MP Scientific Camera
  • Ready to Use - Ready to connect to PC out of the box
  • Innovative cabinet - Built in UV transilluminator, safety shut off switch and viewing port
  • Large Field of view - 20cm x 24 cm viewing area
  • No focus needed - never have to touch camera
  • AutoExposure - no manual manipulation of aperture or shutter speeds required.

The ENDURO GDS comes completely assembled. The software just has to be loaded onto a PC using the included USB drive. There is never a need to touch the high resolution 5MP camera, as the focus is pre-set and a simple click of "autoexpose" in the software sets the ideal shutter speed and aperture. The unique integrated cabinet has a large viewing area and a safety UV shut-off switch. The software controlled UV light automatically shuts off the UV light when finished.

*System includes 5 MP camera, prefocused lens, orange filter, 302 nm or 365 nm UV transilluminator, Enduro GDS capture image software & US, EU, and UK plugs

Product Specifications



5 MP (2592 x 1944), scientific grade sensor


8 mm, F 1.4 hands free lens with Smart Capture technology


Built in UV transiluminator with safety cut-off switch


34.6 x 31.1 x 68.6 cm


21.4 kg

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ColonyDoc-It  -  Fast, Accurate Colony Counting - Innovative Colony Counter Design

Capture the Colonies

  • DigiCam 130 digital color camera with 17.9 megapixel resolution

  • Select from several light sources for illuminating a wide range of stained media

  • Slide the filter selector to one of two positions

  • A wide range of emission filters are available

  • The plate alcove accommodates pour, spread and spiral plates and filters with sizes from 33mm to 150mm

  • Capture colony sizes as small as 0.08mm

  • Generate fast automatic and accurate colony counting with detailed statistics

  • Define parameters including eight color differentiation, split or merge, filter by group or size

  • Attach the door (not shown) to create a darkroom environment when imaging colonies with GFP fluorescence

Select from Several Light Sources

When colony samples require different light sources, the ColonyDoc-It enables the easy selection of bright LED lighting. The white light and fluorescent sources visualize a wide array of bacterial, yeast and mold colonies with samples found in air, water, food and cosmetics. The blue light is used for colonies stained with green fluorescent protein (GFP). Doors (detachable) create a darkroom environment when imaging colonies with GFP. Select from:

  • Darkfield

  • Epi and transillumination white light

  • Epi blue light

High Resolution Camera

The integrated 17.9 megapixel digital color camera lets you quickly capture and see all of the details in your colony sample. The high resolution capabilities allow capture of images down to 0.08mm. No need to adjust camera buttons, since the camera is easily controlled by the software.

Colony Counter Software

The ColonyDoc-It software loads on your computer* for camera control, image capture and analysis. The software enables automatic and manual colony counting capabilities. Users can define specific counting parameters including color differentiation, splitting or merging colonies, identifying filters by group or size. Users can create templates for specific camera settings and analysis functions, allowing the same settings to be selected each time an experiment is run. 

Generate Reports

The accurate count and statistical reporting functions enable researchers to immediately identify and determine experimental parameters that are critical for colony growth and inhibition. The software generates statistics and displays the most critical information about the colony area, perimeter, average diameter and circularity. The data is easily exported into Excel.

* Computer ordered separately.
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