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AlphaPetteThe #1 Pipettor for sub-microliter pipetting and beyond

The new, more Ergonomic AlphaPettes include the following upgrades:

  • Improved comfort while pipetting: Extended finger rest
  • Enlarged volume display
  • Up to 40% reduction in plunger forces
  • Reduced tip ejection forces
  • Reduced tip shaft on 1000 µL pipettor
  • Reduced plunger stroke on 1000 µL pipettor
  • 50% lower forces than Gilson and Eppendorf
  • Lightweight

Standard Features

  • Volume adjustment with plunger button or thumbwheel
  • Volume easily visible with black and red numbers
  • Reduced ejection forces
  • Fully autoclavable for sterility
  • Adjustable ejector length
  • Pipettors are individually tested and supplied with certificate of quality
  • Shafts and tip cone with higher strength and chemical resistance
  • Accurate and Precise
  • Alphapette Pipettor have a universal shaft that will accept most pipet tips, unlike Rainin LTS Pipettors

LIFETIME WARRANTY* and Certificate for Free Calibration included!  *(with the exception misuse)

Alphapette Pipettors are designed for exceptional comfort and accuracy.  Combining ease of use: lightweight; well balanced; comfortable fit in the right or left hand; and accuracy, the alphapette is the perfect addition to your lab.

The adjustable thumbwheel is slightly recessed to prevent unintentional change and is protected from the effects of thermal expansion by the insulated body of the pipette. For convenience, volume can also be adjusted by turning the push-button.

Alphapette Pipettors have a universal shaft that will accept most pipette tips. The stainless steel tip ejector is adjustable to accommodate various styles of tips and removable for pipetting into narrow tubes. Ease of use meets exceptional performance with the Alphapette. 

ASK-1 Kits includes: 1 each of A-10, A-20, A-200, A-1000, MID4280-CR, ASK-BCKPCK and 1 rack of tips of:  PR-10RK-N, PR-200RK-NS and PR-1250RK-NS



Volume µL

Accuracy %

Precision %



Min 0.2



0.002 µL

Max 2




Min 0.5



0.02 µL

Max 10




Min 2



0.02 µL

Max 20




Min 10



0.2 µL

Max 100




Min 20



0.2 µL

Max 200




Min 100




Max 1000




Min 1000



10 µL

Max 5000