Mini Lab Roller with 36 x

1.5/2.0ml Rotisserie 120 Volt
  • Compact design
  • Wide selection of motions
  • Noiseless operation
  • Cold room compatible
  • Dual format rotisseries
  • Three easily interchangeable rotisseries
  • Holds various size tubes:
  • 36 x 1.5 / 2.0ml
  • 10 x 15ml & 12 x 5ml
  • 6 x 50ml
  • 2 x 96 well plates

    115 volt model                                  24 rpm

    230 Volt model                                  20

Simple, yet versatile, the Mini LabRoller Rotator is designed for mixing samples in both a horizontal and vertical plane. The unit accepts a broad assortment of tube sizes as well as micro plates. Safe for cold room or incubator use, this mixer is ideal for a wide range of applications in areas such as biochemistry, molecular biology, clinical testing and histochemistry.

Compact and sleek design. A small footprint and efficient housing design conserve valuable bench space and make the Mini LabRoller Rotator suitable for any size laboratory. It has an ambient operating range of 4° to 40°C and will easily fit into most incubators. Lightweight and portable, the unit is easily moved from the bench to a biological or chemical hood. Simple construction allows for easy cleaning and decontamination.

Wide range of motion The Mini LabRoller Rotator is uniquely designed so that the level of agitation can be adjusted from gentle rolling, through two levels of tumbling, to forceful end over end mixing simply by changing the rotisserie position. When a rotisserie is inserted horizontally (tubes held vertically), an end over end motion is produced. The unit can then be used for simple rotating, or rested on either end to create a tumbling motion.

Interchangeable rotisseries hold numerous tube sizes The Mini LabRoller Rotator is supplied with a rotisserie for 36 x 1.5 or 2.0 ml tubes. Two additional rotisseries are available separately. The first accommodates ten conical 15 ml or other tubes with a 15-17 mm diameter as well as twelve tubes with a 12-13 mm diameter. The second holds six 50 ml conical tubes. Microplates can be used on any of the three rotisseries.

Wide range of applications With three rotisserie configurations, dual rotisserie positions and the ability to change the position of the unit to produce a wide range of motions, the Mini LabRoller Rotator has applications in a variety of areas. In addition, it is small, quiet and economical, making it an excellent value.

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LabRoller Rotators
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Variable speed and adjustable rotation axis
  • Optional accessories include rotisseries and a rocking platform
  • Safe for use in temperature controlled environments

MIDSCI's LabRoller Rotators can be used on the bench for general mixing applications and Western blotting. They can also be placed in temperature controlled environments, from 4°C to 65°C, expanding their use to Northern and Southern hybridizations. The rotation speed is variable, from 0 to 50 rpm, to provide the specific level of agitation required for a variety of applications. A three hour timer with hold position controls operation.

The angle of the rotation axis is continuously adjustable from the horizontal position to a vertical position (90°). Along with the variable speed, this angle adjustment allows for precise control over the level of agitation.

Two versions of the LabRoller Rotator are available. The standard model accepts rotisseries, carousels and a rocking platform. The compact version accepts only the carousels. A variety of rotisseries and carousels are available to hold sample containers such as hybridization bottles, 15 and 50 mL tubes, blood tubes and Erlenmeyer flasks.

Product Specifications
Speed Range 0 to 50 rpm
Timer 3 hours with hold
Rotation Axis Adjustable, 0° to 90°
Ambient Operating Temperature 4°C to 65°C
Dimensions (W x D x H) 18.5 x 10.6 x 9.7 in. | 47 x 27 x 24.5 cm
Weight 17.6 lbs | 8 kg
Electrical* 120 V~, 60 Hz
*Other voltages available upon request

LabDoctor™ Roto-Mini Series

  • Includes tube holders for common tube sizes, 11 x 1.5/0.2 mL (pack of 2), 5 x 10-15 mL (pack of 2), 5 x 5-7 mL (pack of 2), 6 x 50 mL (pack of 1)
  • Plus model available with variable speed control and advanced shaking/ mixing modes: Mix (Oscillating), Pause, Rock

The new LabDoctor™ Roto-Mini Series of rotating mixers provide a wide range of mixing capabilities. Suitable for an array of laboratory applications including resuspension, protein binding, nucleic acid purification, etc. the mixers include interchangeable tube holders for accommodating all common tube sizes from 0.5 mL to 50 mL. The motion can be adjusted from vertical (end over end) mixing, to horizontal (rolling or hybridization style) mixing.

The Roto-Mini rotator is also available in a "Plus" configuration, providing the following additional features:

Variable speed:          5 to 70 rpm
"Mix" function:           Rotating in combination w/ oscillations (increased mixing)
"Pause" function:       Rotating with intermittent "stops" during rotation
"Rock" function:         Back and forth, gentle rocking motion (see-saw)

The Plus models also offer an additional rocking platform (4.5 x 3 in.), as well as a 96 x 0.2 mL tube/strip/plate holder for mixing PCR vessels in the "Mix" (oscillating) mode.

Speed (R2020)

24 rpm

Speed (RMP2024)

5 to 70 rpm

Mixing Modes (RMP2024)

Mix, Pause, Rock


10.8 x 6 x 6.5 in | 27.5 x 15.2 x 16.5 cm


3 lbs | 1.4 kg


115 or 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 0.5A (R2020) 
Universal Voltage 100 to 240 V, 50-60 Hz, 0.5 A (RMP2024)


2 Years

  • Fully adjustable mixing angle
  • Choice of tube holders to hold a number of different sized tubes
  • Spillage tray
  • SB2 comes with fixed 20rpm speed
  • SB3 comes with adjustable speed between 2 and 40rpm

    The SB rotators give gentle but effective mixing, ideal for keeping biological samples in suspension e.g. blood, aerating cultures and for general mixing applications.

    The rotators can be used in incubators up to 60°C and in cold rooms down to 4°C. The angle of rotation is fully adjustable with a scale to measure and reproduce the mixing angle, from horizontal for minimal mixing to vertical for full end-over-end mixing. An integral tray catches any spillage from the rotating tubes

    The SB2 rotator has a constant speed of 20rpm

    The SB3 has a digital timer and speed display allowing procedures to be accurately repeated for optimal results.

    A choice of six tubes holders are available to fulfill most applications. It is possible to use two tube holders simultaneously with our dual holder accessory. The tube holders available are listed below:



    Tube diameter

    No of tubes


    Micro tube holder

    10 to 11.5mm



    Test/blood tube holder

    9 to 20mm



    50ml centrifuge tube holder

    25 to 35mm



    Culture tube holder




    Culture tube holder




    Culture tube holder



    Tube holders

    Choice of six types
    Quick and easy loading and removal of tubes
    End-over-end or rolling action



    Speed range

    Fixed at 20rpm

    2 to 40rpm

    Speed control





    1 to 999 minutes

    Dimensions (w x d x h)

    200 x 270 x 230mm

    200 x 270 x 230 mm

    Net weight



    Electrical supply

    230V, 50Hz, 50W

    230V, 50Hz, 50W