Privacy Policy

This is the web site of MIDSCI, the leading on-line shopping site for molecular biology laboratory products that make your job easier. We respect the privacy of our site visitors and make every attempt to keep the site easy-to-use and have taken reasonable and industry-standard practices to make it free from viruses and spam. Our order form asks you to supply us with information specific to your order. The information that you provide is used to process and send your order. No credit card information is retained online. We also use the information to contact you if there is a problem with your order. We may also contact you by email for feedback on our products and services and to provide occasional new products or special sale announcements.

MIDSCI does not sell or share your name, address, phone number, email address, or any other personal information, with any other company. YOUR USE OF THE SITE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, we can be reached at 800-227-9997, in St. Louis 636-225-9997, Outside North America please call 636-225-9997 or Fax: 636-225-9998.

Our postal address is:
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