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Selecting a DNA Gel Documentation Systems

Gel documentation systems are a necessity in any laboratory that works with DNA. Equipment for gel documentation has evolved from simple UV lights and Polaroid cameras to advanced digital data-acquisition and -analysis systems … [As such,] It can be difficult to narrow down such a broad field of commercially available instruments.

The market for DNA gel documentation systems is mature and highly competitive, with many options at multiple price points. Individual needs, as well as specific applications, should always be the primary consideration when selecting a system. Choices for a particular laboratory come down to details such as the performance of the instrument with the lab’s preferred dyes and specific applications and the ability to switch between detection methods. It is difficult to find head-to-head comparisons of instruments for specific applications, so [communicating your needs with your MIDSCI sales representatives is an important step to narrow your choices. Some key features to consider when selecting a system include versatility, sensitivity, dynamic range and ease of use. A lot of these features can be found in the Uvitec gel documentation systems.]

Uvitec’s chemiluminescence imaging range from a dedicated chemi system (Minihd9), a stand alone system (Minihd9 touch) optional to fluorescence, or the combined system for chemi+ UV fluorescence and optional epi fluorescence on blot (alliance 9.7 and 9.7 chroma)  all include a native 9 megapixel CCD camera with three stage peltier cooling to -60 degrees.”

This excerpt was taken from an article by Catherine Shaffer on selecting a DNA gel documentation systems. Read the whole article here: “Overcoming the Paradox of Choice in DNA Gel Documentation Systems.”