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New Lab Start-Up with LabDoctor™ Essentials

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Starting a new lab may seem like a daunting task as it requires ensuring that you have all the essential equipment for a diverse range of research applications.

Finding and completing the right and premium quality products for a productive start could prove difficult with a limited budget.

MIDSCI has come up with an excellent solution by providing reliable LabDoctor™ laboratory equipment essentials for start up laboratories.

Browse our suggested products below and start your research now!

LabDoctor™ 2D
and 3D Rockers

  • R2D-30
  • R3D-30

LabDoctor™ Hotplates
and Magnetic Stirrers

  • HP-380
  • SH-1500


  • C1612
  • C2000

Digital Dry Bath

  • MB300

Choose from our wide variety of products compatible with LabDoctor™

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