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NanoPhotometer® Touch
Screen Spectrophotometer

The Ultimate In Performance for Microvolume andCuvette Spectroscopy

MIDSCI is proud to introduce the powerful, recalibration-free, and easy-to-toperate NanoPhotometer® Touch Screen spectrometer series for microvolume and cuvette spectroscopy applications.

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NanoPhotometer® Touch Screen

Quick and Easy Operation

The NanoPhotometer® series can be powered on without lamp warm-up time for instant measurement. Complete sample analysis is achieved within 3.5 to 6 seconds and these spectrometers come equipped with 200-900 nm full scan capability.

Why Choose NanoPhotometer® Spectrophotometer

Flexible Unit Control
Control via touchscreen/Computer/Smartphone/Tablet

Sample Compression Technology ™
Accurate determination of e.g. nucleic acids/protein 0.3 µl

Long Battery Life
Up to 8 hours of operation

True Path Technology ™
Exact path lengths with two fixed anchor points. No drift over lifetime.

Flawless Sample Analysis for Limitless Spectroscopy Applications

NP80, N60, N50, and C40 NanoPhotometer® models guarantee unparalleled accuracy, precision, and flexibility. Choose from a wide variety of NanoPhotometer® UV/Vis Spectrophotometers today!

Model NP80 N60 N50 C40
Product Images N80
Nanovolume + Cuvette
Full Spectrum Scan 200 - 900 nm 200 - 900 nm 200 - 650 nm 200 - 900 nm
Detection Range
dsDNA: 1-16,500 ng/µl
BSA: 0.03-478 mg/ml
dsDNA: 1-16,500 ng/µl
BSA: 0.03-478 mg/ml
dsDNA: 5 -7,500 ng/µl
BSA: 0.15-217 mg/ml
Detection Range Cuvette dsDNA: 0.1-130 ng/µl
BSA: 0.003-3.7 mg/ml
N/A N/A dsDNA: 0.1-130 ng/µl
BSA: 0.003-3.7 mg/ml
Path-lengths 0.67 and 0.07 mm 0.67 and 0.07 mm 0.67 and 0.07 mm 10 mm
Pre-programming nucleic
acid & protein methods
Measure 260/230 &
260/280 ratios
LCD Touchscreen glove
Customizable Methods
Built-in Vortex
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Automatic Dilution with Dilucell™

Convenient 340-900 nm Spectrophotometric Analysis

Upgrade analysis of bacterial & yeast cultures and Bradford protein assays with the Dilucell™. Get automatic dilution by skipping high concentrated physical sample dilution through Dilucell’s reduced path length.

Available Dilucell™ versions include the Dilucell™ 10 and Dilucell™ 20 for 1/10 and 1/20 sample dilution, respectively. Best for GLP, the Dilucell™ minimizes manual dilutions that result to lower dilution errors and cross-contamination.

Achieve convenient 340-900 nm spectrophotometric analysis with the Dilucell™ combined with small sample volume requirements and bubble free filling.

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