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Did you know you don’t have to compromise on space to get a high quality multi-function Benchtop Pipettor?

The MicroPro 300 fits in a hood easily and takes up little precious bench space. Its multifunctioning pipetting includes simple pipetting, repeat dispense, variable dispense, mixing, aspiration, and dilution. With the capacity to save developed programs, you can save time, space, and increase accuracy!

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Features and Benefits:

  • MicroPro 300 Operating Range: 5uL to 300uL in 0.1uL increments. Excellent precision and accuracy.
  • Small footprint and light weight; microPro fits easily in a flow hood or crowded lab bench.
  • Works with both 96 and 384 well microplate formats
  • Ergonomic design reduces the risk of repetitive stress injuries associated with using handheld pipettes
  • Pipetting Depth Recall (PDR) sets pipette tip immersion depth automatically – never crash tips or block liquid flow
  • Reduces time spent on liquid handling tasks up to 90%
  • Apple iPad Mini user interface with Bluetooth wireless connection (preconfigured and included).
  • iPad Mini microPro Controller App Features:
    1. Easy to use, intuitive graphical user interface
    2. Custom mode for maximum liquid handling protocol flexibility
    3. Ten pipetting speeds cover the range of liquids
    4. Saved Favorites for convenient recall of your common applications

Every Benchtop Pipettor includes:

  • A tablet with the app pre-loaded
  • A tablet stand
  • Box of standard tips

For a Limited Time, You can receive over $3000 worth of your choice of tips, standard, sterile, or filtered with purchase.
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