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Microplate Sealing Foils/Films

MIDSCI carries an extensive selection of reliable PCR and qPCR microplate sealing foils manufactured by Excel Scientific® and designed to provide accurate thermocycling, reliable sample storage, and reduced evaporation without freezing or autoclaving.

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Excel Scientific® Microplate Sealing Foils/Films

Get high efficiency PCR applications through pierceable and non-pierceable sealing film options that guarantee sufficient sealing areas for PCR and qPCR microplates, perfect for SBS standards. Built with excellent barrier properties, bringing in high optical clarity, and certified to be DNase, RNase, and nucleic-acid free, these sealing foils offer reproducible and consistent DNA amplification measurements.

Browse a range of Excel Scientific® adhesive and heat sealing foils for exceptional safeguarding of samples during transport and short term sample storage of cell-tissue culture plates. MIDSCI's innovative Excel Scientific® product line includes ThermaSeal and AlumaSeal films for consistent and uniform sealing of microplates, trusted elimination of "edge effectes" and well to well contamination, incubation, containment of biohazards, and prevention of spillage in PCR applications.

PCR Plate Sealing Films

qPCR Plate Sealing Films