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Microbiology Petri Dishes


MIDSCI showcases a wide variety of radiation sterilized and optically clear microbiology petri dishes best for making agar plates and meeting demands of microbiology culturing applications. Select from a variety of 100mm x 15mm standard and partitioned petri dishes offering:

  • Sterility from gamma irradiation
  • Superior stackability
  • Precision flat bottom
  • Perfect-fit lids

Perform microbiology studies with confidence. In stock Kord-Valmark cell culture dishes feature ventilation ribs for air ciculation and reduced condensation as well as consistent flatness for even media distribution. Experience precision and convenience with these microbio petri plates that ensure optimum product clarity from molding processes and are ideal for automated filing and streaking equipment.

We carry several other sizes including:

  • Media-saver microbiology petri dishes (slightly smaller than the standard 100mm dish)
  • Microbiology petri dishes with 3 or 4 compartments
  • Slider dishes for automated media pouring systems
  • Ultradeep dishes for plant propagation

In addition to petri dishes, MIDSCI carries a broad spectrum of products for multiple microbiological applications particularly in areas of bacterial culture and yeast culture. These lab products include:

  • Agar
  • Culture media
  • Antibiotics
  • X-Gal
  • IPTG

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