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Microplate Readers and Washers


MIDSCI offers Microplate Readers and Washers from Awareness Technologies. Awareness consistently focuses on high quality instruments at low cost, with no compromises in performance or reliability.

The StatFax 4200 is the newest model as a compact, stand alone, 8-channel microplate reader. Its streamlined design offers

  • Touch screen interface
  • Rapid reading
  • Superb optics
  • On-board curve-fitting software
  • Built-in printer

Other stand alone models include the Stat Fax 2100 and Stat Fax 3200. All readers come with a standard filter set, with the option for customization.

Now offering the small footprint ChroMate Microplate Reader. This unit requires a laptop and is perfect to move around from lab to lab, without compromising on performance.

Stat Fax 2600 Microplate Washer

Fully automatic and washes flat, round, and V-bottom plates and strips. Simple to use and easy to program,is perfect for high or low-throughput labs.

Available as a standard model, or the plus model which includes additional features such as:

  • Dual wash bottle system
  • Individual row selection
  • Built-in plate mixing function

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