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Southern and Western Blotting Membranes


MIDSCI offers a range of Southern and Western Blotting Membranes in various sizes and pore sizes.

Protran membranes are manufactured using 100% pure nitrocellulose to ensure the highest binding capacity possible. Protran membranes provide additional features such as:

  • Very low background
  • Superior signal-to-noise ratios
  • Requires no methanol pre-wetting step, which make it the membrane of choice for proteins that prefer aqueous environments.

Protran membranes are ideal as Southern and Western Blotting Membranes.

Whatman Nytran Nylon Membranes come in two formats, Nytran N and Nytran

SuPerCharge (SPC). Nytran N is

  • Ideal for applications that require a lower charge
  • Designed for Southern blotting and Northern blotting
  • Also can be used for colony lifts and plaque lifts.

Nytran SPC nylon membranes have a very high positive charge, but are manufactured with a process that allows a combination of high positive charge with low background. Whether using radioactive or non-radioactive detection techniques, Nytran SPC consistently gives high signal with extremely low background.

Whatman Optitran Nitrocellulose Membranes consist of 100% pure nitrocellulose cast onto both sides of an inert polyester support material. These membranes offer:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratios

These characteristics make Optitran ideal for Western blotting or other applications that involve repeated antibody stripping and reprobing.

Whatman Westran PVDF Membranes are available in two formats, Westran S used for protein sequencing and the Western Clear Signal used for Western blotting. Westran S PVDF is a 0.2um pore size hydrophobic membrane designed specifically for protein sequencing applications. The small pore size of this membrane eliminates

  • "Blow-through"
  • Increases protein retention over a wide range of molecular weights

Western Clear Signal PVDF is a 0.45 µm membrane specifically designed for Western blotting and protein dot-blot applications

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