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Barrier Pipette Tips - AvantGuard

MIDSCI brings in line AvantGuard low-binding barrier tips designed to minimize contamination due to aerosol barrier and consistently pipette samples due to low-binding technology. These barrier tips from Light Lab also feature extremely clean resin and reference marks, making them ideal for use in PCR reactions, RNA and DNA work, and protein work.

MIDSCI offers AvantGuard Low-Binding Barrier Tips that can prevent aerosols and liquids from reaching pipette shafts. These barrier tips from Light Lab are manufactured with a high quality polyethylene barrier and utilize bonded polymer technology to create a hydrophobic low binding surface. During the manufacturing process, a unique resin is added to the polypropylene, providing superior low-binding technology without impacting sample integrity.


AvantGuard tips can be purchased with extended length and come in both hinged and lift off boxes. AvantGuard Barrier tips are the perfect addition to your protein, DNA, and RNA assays!

  • Unique resin infused polypropylene tips for superior low-binding technology
  • Polyethylene barrier for pipettor contamination prevention
  • Extended lengths available
  • Both hinged and lift-off lids available
  • No leaching or sample degradation
  • Safe to use with chloroform, chloroethane, acetone, and other common laboratory solvents

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