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Analytical Grade Agarose

MIDSCI stocks popular blends of analytical grade agarose for a variety of gel electrophoresis applications and fast delivery.

  • Agarose GP2 is our general purpose, highly purified agarose suitable for gel electrophoresis methods ranging from standard agarose gels following PCR or plasmid cloning, to Southern Blot or Northern Blot.
  • Agarose GC is our green choice, environmentally friendly and highly purified agarose, manufactured without the use of harsh organic solves, but also perfectly suitable for all gel electrophoresis applications.
  •  Agarose LMP is a low-melting agarose for quick and thorough digestion. It is designed for analytical DNA electrophoresis or preparative work in which gel bands will be isolated for downstream applications.
  • Agarose 3:1 Super Sieve is optimized for nucleic acid fragments and PCR products from 150-1500bp.
  •  Agarose Ultra Sieve is ideal for resolution of tiny DNA fragments and PCR products down to 15bp in length.
  • Agarose Pulse Field is designed for pulse field applications, has a very high gel strength and allows for larger fragment sizes.

All MIDSCI analytical grade agaroses are available in a variety of sizes.

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