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Water-jacketed CO2 Incubators


Water-jacketed CO2 incubators. Best C02 incubators for cell culture unless you prefer Air-jacketed CO2 incubators.

Water-jacketed CO2 incubators from Shel Lab

  • IR CO2 sensor
  • Anti-corrosion anode that allows the user to use tap water in the compact water jacket
  • Bench-top (5.7 cu. ft.)
  • Stacked (11.4 cu. ft.)
    Small-scale cell culture
  • 1.8 cubic foot personal water-jacketed C02 incubator

Air-jacketed CO2 incubators from SHEL LAB

  • Dry Heat Decontamination at 180°C for 120 minutes
  • Pre-heated Copper CO2 Gas Inlet for Increased Temperature Uniformity
  • No Handling of the IR Sensor
  • Extensive Warranty
  • Bench-top (5.6 cu. Ft.)
  • Stacked (11.2 cu. Ft.)

Large capacity air jacketed incubators

  • Accommodate roller bottle apparatus
  • Feature infrared CO2 sensing technology
  • Feature a viewing door
  • Independent over-temperature protection
  • 28, 40 and 60 cu. Ft.

BINDER CO2 Air-jacketed incubators

  • Drift-free infrared (IR) CO2 measurement
  • Permadry™ system for condensation-free interior.
  • Tri gas incubator models with an oxygen control option
  • 180°C sterilization cycle

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