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TPP Cell and Tissue Culture PlasticWare

TPP Tissue Culture Dishes

Premium TPP Tissue Culture Dishes


Key Features:

  • Vents provide airflow between stacked dishes for consistent growth conditions and prevention of Condensation
  • Surface treatment of the growth area developed by TPP optimally enhances the proliferation of the cells
  • Serrated grip ring on lid prevents accidental drops or lid lift offs in unsterile conditions
  • Double marking areas - yellow and frosted marking spots for easy labeling
  • Stacking ring on the lid and corresponding ridge on the base provide an extremely secure stacking feature
  • Numeric "clock" markings (12, 3, 6, 9) for quick orientation during microscopy
  • Crystal clear clarity for great microscopy images

Consistent Growth Conditions:

  • Air vents in the dish base allow airflow between stacked dishes for consistent air flow, temperature distribution, and prevention of condensation.
  • Both features provide consistent growth conditions even when dishes are stacked
  • Outstanding flatness of surface promotes uniform cell growth without clumping

Notable extra features:

  • Tissue culture dishes are designed for manual handling
  • The yellow inscription field on the lid and the frosted inscription field on the base enable a defined positioning of the lid
  • The side walls of the dish are not treated for tissue growth

Quality Assurance:

  • Made from optically clear polystyrene for excellent viewing
  • Sterile, packaged peel-off sleeves
  • Certified DNAse/RNAse, nucleic acid, and pyrogen-free
Order# Description Quantity

40 mm TC Dish (9.2 cm² growth surface)



60 mm TC Dish (22.1 cm² growth surface)



100 mm TC Dish (60.1 cm² growth surface)



150 mm TC Dish (147.8 cm² growth surface)



TPP Cultureware from MIDSCI® offers both value and performance.

  • Flatter, more consistent growth surface for a more consistent monolayer
  • Insulated vents ensure even temperature distribution when stacked
  • Ridged gripping surface on dishes and plates facilitate handling High visibility, painted alphanumerics, graduations and writing surfaces
  • 15, 50 and 600 ml Bioreactor Tubes - a simple, disposable format for suspension of cells
  • 150 and 115 cm2 flasks offer re-closable lids
  • T-10 Flasks/Tubes - centrifuge in 50 ml rotor, and view under a microscope