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Shaker Water Baths

shaking water bath

Lab Companion Shaking Water Baths

  • Supplied with universal spring wire rack platform and gable cover
  • Reciprocal shaking motion
  • Gentle start feature to reduce splashing
  • Over temperature protection

Shel Lab Shaking Water Baths

  • Independent oscillation and temperature controls
  • Recessed heating element to prevent bath burnout
  • Adjustable reciprocal stroke length

Julabo Shaking Water Baths

  • High-Low temperature alarms
  • Minimum water level detection and shut-down
  • Removable shaking carriage
  • Bath tank constructed of high grade stainless steel

Incubated laboratory shakers are used for growing bacteria under controlled conditions. We provide incubated laboreatory shakers with a variety of platform options, depending on what size and the number of flasks you need to shake.

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